This small and beautiful city is located in the northwest of the country, right at the foot of the “Old Mountain” or Stara Planina in Bulgarian. Its proximity to the capital, approximately 100km, and its natural and historical heritage make many tourists decide to visit it. On June 2, the local city festival is celebrated and it takes place in the Botev square with fireworks and gunfire from the army.

If you want to see one of the highest rock formations in the Balkans, this is the place. These rocks have the name “Vratzata” and are a favourite place for national and international mountaineers, cave lovers and those who like mountain tourism. And this is just the beginning.

The regional museum keeps well the largest Thracian treasure found so far called “Rogozentsko Sukrovishte” and has more than 165 objects made of silver and even some with contours in gold. The only horse-cart museum is located here and it is a collection of Mito Orozov’s own. Ledenik, the most visited cave in Bulgaria, is there. It has a 5D cinema just before the entrance to the cave and inside the cave, they perform a light show once a day. You can also see other interesting monuments and museums such as; the monument of Hristo Botev (poet and revolutionary), an ethnographic complex and the tower of the S. XVI.


Distance from Sofia: 100 km

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How to get here

It is possible by train, bus or car

If you visit the city in winter and you like winter sports, at only 20km, there are ski slopes with a length of 1.3 km and a track adapted for the little ones. Do you visit the city in the spring? Great, since there is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria with a height of 141m. In the region there is another waterfall called “Borov Kamuk”, many roads marked by the mountain, the cave “The bridge of God” and some monasteries like; St. Ivan Rilski, Cherepishki Manastir and “The 7 Thrones”. The city and the region have much to teach their visitors.