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Explore Vratsa

One of the most picturesque mountain cities in Bulgaria is Vratsa. Nestled in the foot of the Balkan mountains, this city will instantly captivate you with its breath taking views of rugged cliffs and abundant, verdant forests, trails and waterfalls. 

With so many natural wonders to discover, mountain lovers, rock climbers and cave explorers love Vratsa! Beyond its outdoor beauties, the city has a historical significance and unveils some of the most significant national treasures and archeological finds in Bulgaria. 

The city of Vratsa

Popular SIGHTS

If you’re looking for a thrilling outdoor adventure, Vratsa delivers with its rugged terrain and endless opportunities for exploration. Yet the city holds a strong historical significance for those keen on digging into the past for treasures, people and local legends.

Thracian Treasure "Rogozen"

History Museum

Glistening silver treasure collection from Thracian times – the biggest discovered on Bulgarian land. 



A marvelling and majestic sight – the highest cliffs on the Balkan penninsula, towering over Vratsa.

The city of Vratsa

Vestitelya Hut

Only 463 stairs stand between you and this cozy mountain hut with a gorgeous view of the city.

Image depicting a statute of Hristo Botev, a Bulgarian revolutionary, with the backdrop of the Vratsa range of the Balkan Mountains.

Hristo Botev Square

Main city square and gathering point, named after the famous Bulgarian revolutionary Hristo Botev.

Ledenika Cave

Ledenika Cave

Geological and ancient wonders await you in this popular, mesmerizing underground cave. 

Skaklya Waterfall near the city of Vratsa

Skaklya Waterfall

Bulgaria’s highest waterfall is a short hike from the city, but only flows following periods of abundant rainfall.

Useful TIPS

Making the trip to Vratsa is a short 1.5 hour drive from the capital city of Sofia. You’ll be welcomed by the striking cliffs of the Balkan Mountain range and the small town feel and hospitality. Take the time to explore the history, nature and cuisine of the region. 

Getting Around

  • Most of the main sights and attractions are a quick walking distance within the city.
  • A small tourist tram will take you from the city center to Ledenika Park, passing through Vratsata and Zgorigrad – the starting point for many local hikes. Check the schedule here

What to Eat 

  • In Vratsa, you’ll find many small taverns, beckoning with fragrant, savory dishes. 
  • Local specialties include a roasted pepper salad – lyutika, a potato variation – kartofena lyutika, banitsa with leeks and hot peppers and a thick take on the classic bean stew.

Best Times to Visit

  • If you want to fully take in Vratsa’s natural wonders, we recommend visiting during the warmer months of spring, summer or fall. 
  • During the summer, you’ll catch local festivals, concerts, an annual historic route and the city’s official holiday – June 1st. 

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