Discover the Bulgarian Folklore

In Bulgarian folklore, myths, tales, and folk traditions contribute to the enrichment of Bulgarian culture by weaving together the past and the present. Through the mediums of song, dance, and storytelling, the lively folkloric customs of Bulgaria encapsulate various aspects of the country’s history, spirituality, and communal heritage.

The Bulgarian Tradition of Kukeri
Photo by Ivo Danchev


Deeply rooted in legends and marked by sacred rituals, Bulgarian folklore traditions unite generations and uphold communities of shared values, history, and spirituality.

The tradition of Nestinarstvo or Fire Dancing in Bulgaria

Fire Dancing

Ancient mysticism intertwined with Christianity in a ceremonial ritual with barefoot fire dancing.

Bulgarian songs

Music & Instruments

Open-throat singing, bagpipes and Balkan fiddles all make up the wonderous folk music of Bulgaria.

Herbs Traditions in Bulgaria Small


Botanical herbs hold a vital role in Bulgarian rituals, folk medicine, and superstitions.

Crafts in Bulgaria

Skillful Craftsmanship

Artisan handiwork is seen in our pottery, weaving, woodcarving, and embroidery.

The tradition of Kukeri Dancings in Bulgaria

Kukeri Rituals

Menacing masks and loud bells are worn by Kukeri to ward off evil spirits in the spring.

Traditional Bulgarian dance called horo

Folk Dances

The communal dance of horo is captivating with its intricate footwork and ornate folk dress, called nosia.


Immerse yourself in vibrant folklore, ancient dances and rituals, and traditional celebrations that offer will captivate your senses and steal a piece of your heart. These experiences will be available soon.

Craftman in Bulgaria

Visit the Street of Crafts

Observe the intricate artistic processes and meet the artisan heirs who’ve inherited the craft.

Traditional Bulgarian dance called horo

Dance like a Bulgarian

Challenge yourself by learning the fancy footwork of a traditional Bulgarian horo.

Herbs Traditions in Bulgaria Small

Uncover herbal Wisdom

Discover the healing and mystical uses of the many herbs found across Bulgaria’s fruitful land.

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