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Discover the Bulgarian Cities

Fusing age-old history with modern development, cities and towns across Bulgaria are vastly different in their atmosphere. While some are vital and flourishing, others hide relics and remnants of the past decades. To truly take in the nation’s culture, we highly recommend expanding your trip beyond the capital of Sofia.

From the bustling capital to quaint mountainside towns, each city in our country has its own pulse. Get a feel of the everyday life of Bulgarians by diving into the various urban tourism and landscapes across the nation. 

Eye bird view over Sofia. Urban Tourism
Photo by Sketches of Sofia

Popular CITIES

These Bulgarian cities have the highest populations and frequently receive the most visitors. While they share some characteristics, each one is unique.

Catedral Alexander Nevski desde el aire. Urban Tourism


Capital of Bulgaria, this city dates back to the Roman Empire and is now the hub of the country.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria - N°1 Plovdiv Travel Guide Before You Go. Urban Tourism


Located in 7 hills, this city is the second largest in Bulgaria and is one of the oldest in Europe.

Bird eye view over the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo. Urban Tourism

Veliko Tarnovo

The old but majestic Bulgarian capital. Most Bulgarians consider this city the most beautiful.

The city of Koprivshtitsa. Urban Tourism


Historically significant and full of authentic architecture and ethnographic museums.

Nessebar old town. Urban Tourism


Nessebar is the only city in Bulgaria to possess a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its ancient town.

Tryavna city. Urban Tourism


Situated in the slopes of the Balkan range It is famous for its textile industry and typical architecture.

Selected Urban Tourism EXPERIENCES

Regional customs, flavours and traditions make road-tripping through the cities of Bulgaria worthwhile. We’ve selected a variety of experiences, allowing you to tailor your route according to your interests and preferences.

The red flat Sofia. Urban Tourism

Communist Tour

We will soon provide this experience, which you can book through our site.

Vitosha Street. Urban Tourism

Free Walking Tours

We will soon provide this experience, which you can book through our site.

Traditional Bulgarian Wine

Wine Testing

We will soon provide this experience, which you can book through our site.

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