Useful information

Currency and prices

Bulgaria is part of the European Union, but not of the Euro zone. It is advisable to exchange in the banks or the special places for it. Banks are also open in the shopping malls on weekends. Have always some cash in your pocket because there are many places where they do not accept card payments.

Basic budget/average: 25€ / 50€

Hostel/Hotel: 13€/32€ per night

Food: “Shopska” salad 3€

Drinks: Beer (0,5l) 1€

The weather

Bulgaria has a nice climate and is suitable to come and visit the country at any time of the year. In summer, the sun offers a very beautiful skin tone and in winter the snow covers the mountains completely. We have periods with rain and they are mostly during spring and autumn.

Spring: Between 7 and 17 Cº

Summer: Between 14 and 35 Cº

Autumn: Between 9 and 17 Cº

Winter: Between -5 and 4 Cº

The transport in Bulgaria

Transportation nationwide is well developed. However, if there is a problem it is not always easy to arrange it with the drivers or the ticket reviewers (most of them don’t speak english). Try not to make mistakes when buying tickets for a trip. It is advisable to rent a car to travel to the most interesting points of the country in a comfortable way. 

City transport (Sofia): 0.80€ one way / 2 € daily ticket
Country-wide: Sofia – Plovdiv 5€ (train) 5€ (bus) (buses) / (trains)


One of the first things you will notice upon arrival is the alphabet. It is different but there are some letters are the same. In the “Guide” section you can find a dictionary in PDF format and download it on your mobile. Saying some of the words can be very fun.

Gestures with hands and head are very popular, do not hesitate to use them. This is the longest word in our dictionary:



  • Any emergency: 112

  • Always carry your ID with you!

  • There are no vaccines necessaries when travelling to Bulgaria.

  • You should carry the European Health Card with which you will receive the same treatment as any Bulgarian. It is always advisable to pay for a travel insurance.

  • Tap water is safe and drinkable, however, consuming bottled water is always the best option.

  • Each relatively large city has hospitals with acceptable standards, but not always high. Private clinics are recommendable.


Bank Holidays in Bulgaria 2019

1st of January: New Year

3th of March: Day of the liberation of Bulgaria

26, 27, 28 and 29 of April: Holy Week (Easter)

1st of May:  Day of the labour

6th of May: Day of bravery and Bulgarian Army

24th of May: Day of education, culture and Slavic writing

6th of September: Day of the union of Bulgarian

22nd of September: Independence day

1st of November: All Saint’s day

24,25 and 26th of December: Christmas Eve and Christmas

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