Every tourist needs some introductory information related to his trip to a new destination. In this case, Bulgaria is a country that has its differences and specifications, and for this reason, this introductory information has been made so that it can serve every new visitor to the country.

You might already know that no vaccination is required to enter the country or that the emergency number is 112. However, the information below might be interesting for you. 

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Bulgarians use the Cyrillic alphabet and the spoken language is Bulgarian.

You’ll notice that even among themselves, Bulgarians often use hand and head gestures so if you cannot understand or articulate something, don’t hesitate to put your acting skills to use. 

Fun factthe longest word in the Bulgarian language is NEPROTIVOKONSTITUTSIOSTVOVATELSTVUVAITE.

If you are eager to learn a couple of words in Bulgarian, check out our essential dictionary


March 3rd: Bulgaria Liberation Day 

May 1st:  Labor Day 

May 4 – 6th: Holy Week – Easter

May 6th: Day of the Bravery and the Bulgarian Army

May 24th: Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture 

September 6th: Unification Day 

September 22nd: Independence Day


Bulgaria is in the southeastern Europe Balkan Peninsula. Multiple countries surround it, each with its distinct geography.


The white of the flag stands for freedom, while green emphasizes the agricultural wealth of Bulgaria. Red is for military courage.


6.447.700 million
Bulgarian: 84.6%

Turkish: 8.4%

Roma: 4.4%
Other: 2.6%


Bulgaria still uses its currency, Bulgarian Lev but soon will join the Euro. At the moment for 1 Euro  1.95 Bulgarian Lev


Bulgaria is a country with four distinct seasons throughout the year.
During the spring and autumn, there are cool rain showers, scattered sun and a warm, humid climate. Summers are hot, with sunshine from June until September, while winters are crisp and cold. 

Spring: Between 7 and 17 Cº

Summer: Between 14 and 35 Cº

Autumn: Between 9 and 17 Cº

Winter: Between -5 and 4 Cº

Public transport

National transportation is being created, with buses and railroads connecting cities and villages. With one of these modes of transportation, you can get to most places quickly and easily.

Trams, trolleys, and buses are available in larger cities to help you get around. Conveniently, the ticket price for all modes of transportation is the same – regardless of how long your trip is.

National tickets are available on public websites:


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