Bulgarian cuisine has several flavors and types. Arab and Balkan influences are present. Salads, soups, and meat are cooked. Visitors to Bulgaria are astonished by how tasty they are and never go hungry!


A menu full of soups and salads

Salads and soups are the key players in the main courses or starters. Depending on the season, one or the other is cooked. Seasonality of ingredients and products used should also be taken into account.

"Shkembe" Soup

"Shopska" Salad

Eggs "Panagiurski"

"Tarator" Soup



Stuffed red pepper


Main dishes

Variety of tasty dishes with and without meat

There is a lot of stew and grill in the main courses. Many of the recipes contain some form of animal product, but there is also a large selection for plant lovers. The menu is enormous, so be daring and try everything.


Commonly seen dishes

Sweets or desserts in general are also seen in other parts of Europe or Asia. You can see a lot of Rice with milk and Cheesecake among others. Still, here are two proposals that are not bad at all and are very related to Bulgarian cuisine.

Cured Yogurt







Some more special foods

Bulgarian cuisine also has some more specific and more homemade dishes. Many of them will not be able to see or order them in a restaurant, but with a little more searching you can find a place or someone who can prepare some of the mentioned dishes.

Coming soon

Bulgarian cuisine content is being expanded. The following sections will be accessible soon.

Written recipes

Each recipe will list its ingredients, cooking time, and complicated technique.

Video recipes

We will make movies to help home cooks prepare Bulgarian dishes.

Gastronomic Map

Like any country, Bulgaria has regional dishes. This map locates each dish.

Gastro Events

Throughout the year, there are numerous unique food fairs held throughout the country. The following are a few of the most significant. There are several, so take advantage of them if you happen to be in Bulgaria at the time.

Festival of bacon
and rakia

Festival of the
"Smilyanski" bean

Fish and mussel

Cherry Festival
in Kyustendil

Bread Festival

Watermelon day

Yogurt Festival

The Pumpkin Festival

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