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Discover the Bulgarian Gastronomy

Anatolian and Mediterranean cuisines have had a significant impact on the tastes of Bulgarian gastronomy, which is bursting with various flavours.

Produce that is in season and fresh ingredients are essential components of our diet, which guarantees a wide range of mouthwatering dishes throughout the entire year. We do enjoy eating meat, but a significant portion of the traditional gastronomy is vegetarian or even vegan.

Traditional Bulgarian Food

Popular DISHES

Fresh and light, or warm and hearty – it all depends on the season you visit Bulgaria. Hospitality here is centered around food and dining is much more than a quick bite. Take the time to savor the flavours and enjoy the atmosphere.

Shopska ensalada

Shopska Salad

It is the most famous salad in Bulgaria. It has tomato, white cheese, cucumber, green pepper and onion.

The Shkembe soup or tripe soup is traditional Bulgarian soup

Shkembe Sout

A creamy classic – tender cattle tripe cooked down with milk. Best paired with garlic and paprika.

Traditional Bulgarian cold soup called Tarator and made by yogurt and cucumber


Refreshing and cool on a hot summer day – yogurt-based soup with dices of cucumber, garlic and dill.

Bulgarian stuffed cabbage rolls with sauerkraut, rice and minced beef.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Cabbage rolls are the Bulgarian winter staple, often used to prepare these rice and minced beef cabbage rolls.

Traditional Bulgarian dish, Giuvech


Autumnal comfort food – a meaty stew with seasonal veggies, cooked to perfection in a clay pot.

Traditional Bulgarian dish Kapama


This slow-cooked, fragrant dish mixes hearty flavours of meats, sausages and sauerkraut.

Gastronomic EVENTS

Big or small, Bulgarian gastronomy festivals all have something in common: they are carried out by locals with lots of love and a genuine desire to preserve traditions and pass on cultural knowledge from the past into the present. 

Festival of Smilyan bean in Smilyan Village

Smilyan Beans Festival

As the festival’s name, the village where this takes place is in Smilyan. These bean meals are one of a kind.

Festival of tomatoes and peppers in Kurtovo Konare

Tomatoes & Peppers Festival

This festival takes place in the village of Kurtovo Konare in the middle of September.

Festival of cherries in Kyustendil

Festival of Cherries

Every year in June, the town of Kyustendil hosts the festival and declares the beginning of the cherry harvesting season.

Traditional BEVERAGES

What would a traditional Bulgarian dinner be without some of our delicious complementing drinks? Sample local varietals from our five wine regions or, if you’re feeling brave, try the Balkan fruit moonshine aperitif, rakiya. 

Traditional Bulgarian Wine


Local winemakers are reviving indigenous grape varieties and revisitng Bulgarian classics like the deep, fruity Mavrud and savory, tart Gamza.

Traditional Bulgarian Beverage Rakiya


Traditionally made from plums or grapes, this double-distilled fruit brandy packs a punch with a high alcoholic content of 40% – 50%.


Tasting your way around Bulgaria is a sure way to discover foods you never knew existed, but could very well become your new favorites. Keep an open mind and challenge your tastebuds to new, explosive flavours.

Traditional Bulgarian Beverage Rakiya

Rakiya Museum

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Traditional Bulgarian Wine

Wine Tour

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Traditional cuisine and dishes served at food festivals in Bulgaria.

Food Testing

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