Sofia, Bulgaria: Best Places to Visit

Sofia is the Bulgarian capital since distant April 3, 1879 and its current center is built on top of a Roman city called Serdica.

Sofia is the Bulgarian capital since April 3, 1879. Its current center is built above a city called Serdica and over time they have been discovering more and more interesting remains of this ancient Roman city. It is a European capital and as such offers a lot to live and a lot to see.

It is located in a valley, but to the south it has the Vitosha mountain that embellishes all the sunsets at the end of the day. The local people are nice and polite, but without forgetting that we are in Eastern Europe and that our way of being kind is a little different from the countries of central Europe.

Useful information

  • Beware of taxi fares.
  • Have a breakfast in the local bakeries .
  • Sofia is one of the safest capitals in Europe.
  • Rent a bicycle and enjoy the city.

The daily budget is between 20 and 40€ per person depending on everyone needs.

  • The use of metro is not necessary.
  • The trams Nº4, 10, 12, 18, 20, 22 offer interesting routes.
  • The bus Nº63 is great for visiting Vitosha mountain.

There are 3 tourism offices in the center of the city.

  • The main entrance of the metro station Sofia University.
  • The main entrance of the metro station Serdica.
  • In the garden of the National Theatre and it is called Chitalnyata.

Popular landmarks in Sofia

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral

Archaeological Museum

Saint George Church

Ivan Vazov Theatre

Russian Church St. Nicholas

Independence Square

Sofia History Museum

National History Museum

Boyana church

Vitosha Street

National Palace of Culture

Seven Saints church

The hidden gems of Sofia

Golden Bridges

Street art quarter "Hadji Dimitar"

Park Vrana

Women's Market

Restaurants in Sofia

Mekitsa & Kafe


Little things

Modern cuisine

Taberna Izbata

Traditional cuisine

Sun & Moon


Night life in Sofia

One More Bar

Modern restaurant with late-night drinks


Soviet-themed bar serving craft cocktails


Café in a repurposed apartment

Bar Petak

Night club with local DJs and live concerts

What to do in Sofia

Audio guide

Audio Guide Bulgaria has a tour of the most emblematic places in the center of Sofia. If you want to go at your own pace and want to know more about the history of the city, check this out.

Check prices and availability on their website.

Day trips from Sofia

Sofia is very beautiful and there is much to see both in the city and in its surroundings. Still, you should must consider taking a day trip from the city to one of the Bulgarian cities and towns.

We recommend you visit some of the places that are only about two hours away from the city. In some of the places you can reach both by train and bus.

We still do not offer these services so if you are looking for something organized, please contact us.

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