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Explore Sofia

Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital since April 3, 1879. The city is located atop Serdica, a historic Roman city, and they are finding more and more interesting ruins. As a European capital, it has lots to do and see.

The Vitosha mountain to the south makes the sunsets spectacular in this valley. The folks are lovely and polite, but we’re in Eastern Europe, so our kindness is different from central Europe’s.

Eye bird view over Sofia. Urban Tourism
Photo by: Sketches of Sofia


Sofia has a very long and interesting history. Many buildings are connected to this turbulent history and we invite you to explore it through its main attractions.

Catedral Alexander Nevski desde el aire. Urban Tourism

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral

It is one of the 50 largest Christian churches worldwide.

Roman Rutonda Saint George

Saint George Church

It is the oldest building in Sofia, founded in the 4th century.

Sofia, Bulgaria - N°1 Sofia Travel Guide Before You Go

Independence Square

Consists of three central Sofia Socialist Classicism buildings.

National Theatre Ivan Vazov

Ivan Vazoz Theatre

Founded in 1904 it is the oldest theatre in Bulgaria.

Vitoshka street

Vitosha Street

The main street of Sofia with lots of restaurants and shops.

National museum of History

National History Museum

Established on May 5, 1973 is the largest museum in Bulgaria.


Every city has its not-so-popular places that are very valuable for the locals and the people who visit it. Here we have marked a few places that we think you would like to see while you are in Sofia. Also, keep in mind that some of them are not that easy to get to.

Hadji Dimitar neighborhood

Art Quarter

Hadji Dimitar is a neighbourhood has numerous beautiful murals.

Vrana Palace

Park Vrana

Vrana Palace is a royal palace, only open for tourists on weekends.

The bells

The Bells

Forest park known for a towering, Brutalist-style monument inlaid with bells from across the world.

Golden Stones

Golden Bridges

This geological phenomenon is a stone river on the northwestern slopes of Vitosha.

Dragalevski Monastery

Gragalevtsi Monastery

It is located 1.5 km from Sofia in the Vitosha mountain and can be easily reached by car.

Women's market

Women's Market

Open-air market founded in the 19th century, offering produce, imported goods & small eateries.


However, Sofia is not only buildings, streets and monuments. Our capital city is full of experiences of all kinds, but we want to offer you some specific things to do while you’re here.

The red flat Sofia. Urban Tourism

The Red Flat

Entering the Red Flat means travelling back in time to Communist Bulgaria of the 1980s.

Museum of Socials Art in Sofia

Communist Tour

Find out what it was like on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain by joining this Communist tour.

Banitsa food tour

Food Tour

Discover the city and the best bites from Bulgarian cuisine on this tour designed for foodies.​

Where to EAT

The restaurants in Sofia can offer you any kind of experience and food. From the interior to the kitchen, the variety is huge. These curated restaurants are a good start to your dining exploration.

The little things restaurant in Sofia

Little Things

A cosy restaurant in an old house. located in the heart of Sofia’s city centre. They serve modern cuisine.

Restaurant Mehana Izbata


This restaurant serves authentic Bulgarian cuisine and has a traditional interior.

Restaurant Sun and Moon

Sun & Moon

A vegetarian restaurant chain with good service and food. Locations can be found around the city centre.

Useful TIPS

Each destination has activities that would make your trip easier and more comfortable. Helpful tips have been added here to help you improve your experience while you’re here.


  • Beware of taxi fares as some can get expensive.
  • Breakfast? Find it in some of the local bakeries.
  • Chill 🙂 Sofia is one of the safest capitals in Europe

Public Transport

  • The use of the metro is not necessary.
  • The trams Nº4, 10, 12, 18, 20, 22 offer interesting routes.
  • Buses Nº63 and Nº66 are great for visiting Vitosha mountain.

Tourism Offices

  • The entrance of the metro station is Sofia University.
  • The main entrance of the metro station Serdica.
  • Next to the National Theatre and it is Called Chitalnyata 

Suggestions for DAY TRIPS

Beautiful Sofia and its surroundings offer lots to see. However, you should consider a day vacation to a Bulgarian city or town. Some places are accessible by train and bus.

The city of Koprivshtitsa. Urban Tourism


The city of Koprivshtitsa is one of the most important and picturesque towns in Bulgaria.

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Discover why Plovdiv is the Bulgarian Capital of Culture and explore one of the oldest cities in Europe.

UNESCO has 9 declared World Heritage sites in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery, is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria.

Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes

Situated between 2,100 and 2,500 metres elevation above sea level, they are the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria.

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