The best place to see the festival is the city of Pernik

The word Kuker represents a person, usually tall male, and with a disguise that we will explain about later. They have specific dances and a lot of them bring nightmares to bed that same night. Through these dances, terrible masks and the sound of the bells the evil spirits are being expelled. The costumes are made on a wooden surface and decorated with coloured threads, fabrics, pieces of broken mirrors, sequins and other coloured ornaments. Another characteristic feature of the costume  are the bells hanging around the waist. Normally their number is between 50 or 60 and weigh up to 80 kg. Traditionally, each costume looks like a fur jacket from a sheep or goat.

In Bulgaria many “Kukeri” festivals are organized and held but, on an international level, “Surva” in the city of Pernik and “Starchevata” in Razlog are the only ones recognized by UNESCO.