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Explore Plovdiv

Eight thousand years ago during the Neolithic Era, the first settlers arrived in what is now the city of Plovdiv. From then until now, the town has been ruled by several empires and tribes, including Thracians, Romans, and Byzantines, building its cultural and historic significance. 

Today, Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s second-largest city and continues to be bustling with life. It’s much calmer than Sofia but still packed with creative charm. Discover ancient ruins, artisan antique shops and artistic happenings – all in the historic heart of Plovdiv. 

Working from Plovdiv
Photo by: Anton Atanasov

Popular SIGHTS

Wander through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and take in Plovdiv’s significant ancient sights. Stroll through the newer part of town and feel the liveliness of the city, pulsing with ideas, creativity and spirit. 

Photo displaying the ornamented building of the Ethnographic Museum in the town of Plovdiv Bulgaria. Frontal view with trees surrounding the front entrance.

Ethnographic Museum

Ornamented museum dedicated to the vibrant traditions, stories and crafts of the Plovdiv region.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria - N°1 Plovdiv Travel Guide Before You Go. Urban Tourism

Roman Theatre

One of the oldest preserved antique theatres that still hosts concerts and events to this day.

Blue and yellow houses that display traditional Bulgarian architecture during the National Revival

Old Town

Meandering cobblestone streets reveal some of the city’s oldest ornate architecture.

Image of the Dzhumaya Mosque in Plovdiv, built of pink and russet bricks.

Dzhumaya Mosque

While controversial, this significant building in the center of Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s first working mosque.

A view from Nebet Tepe in Plovdiv

Nebet Tepe

This is one of the hills of Plovdiv where the ancient town was founded. One of the best views.

Kapana Creative District

Kapana District

Artisanal hub turned modern, artsy quarter alive with galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Hidden GEMS

Rowing Base

This is the largest facility of this kind in the Balkans and is a great location for a quiet walk.

Shady spot under a gazebo in Tsar Simeon Garden in Plovdiv.

Tsar Simeon Park

Lush and shady park in the city center, offering a refreshing natural escape on a hot summer day.

Monumento de Alyosha en Plovdiv

Alyosha Monument

Alyosha is an 11-metre-tall reinforced concrete statue of a Soviet soldier on one of the hills in Plovdiv.


We’re not even exaggerating when we say there’s something for everyone in Plovdiv. Whether you want to learn more about the city’s long history, or you want to dive straight into the modern artistic community, here are some of our selected experiences.

gayo chocolate experience

Chocolate ...

Ever wondered how cocoa beans turn into chocolate? The workshop opens its doors to chocolate lovers.

Crafts in Bulgaria

Craft ...

Тhe street of crafts is the perfect place where you can learn about typical crafts in Bulgaria

Cerveceria Kamenitza

... Brewery

Learn how one of Bulgaria’s most historic and popular beers is produced. 

When in Plovdiv where to EAT?

Restaurante Pavaj en Plovdiv


The restaurant serves modern cuisine and has a well-designed atmosphere.

Restaurante vegetariano en Plovdiv


Exclusively Vegan restaurant, offering an array of delicious plant-based dishes.

Restaurants in Plovdiv.


Classy eatery serving European fare including pasta, seafood & meat dishes, plus a robust wine list.

Useful TIPS

If you’re properly prepared, you’ll always be one step ahead. While you’re planning your visit to Plovdiv, we thought we might give you some useful tips to keep in mind so you can travel with the confidence of a seasoned Bulgarian. 

Comfort & Leisure

  • Wear comfortable shoes to tackle all those hills, stairs and cobbled streets.
  • Find a spot on one of the many hills and take in the sunset view – we recommend Nebet Tepe.
  • Always carry some cash with you – many artisan and antique shops don’t take card payments.

Plovdiv Free Tour

  • Organized by 365 Association, the Plovdiv Free Tour is led in English and starts at 11 A.M. every day in front of the City Hall.
  • While the tour is technically free, it’s highly recommended that you leave the tour guide a tip for their efforts.

Tourist Information Offices

If you want to find out more about upcoming events or need help with anything on your trip:
  • Visit the tourist centre in the Old Town, located next to the Ethnographic Museum.
  • Visit the tourist centre on the main street in the city centre, next to Dzhumaya Mosque.

Suggestions for DAY TRIPS

Plovdiv’s prime location in the centre of Bulgaria makes it a great starting point for day trips nearby. Discover the historical and cultural sites, including medieval fortresses, ancient Thracian sites, and traditional villages. Or, if you’ve already got a fair share of the cityscapes and want a quick escape from the city, you can revel in the nearby rivers, canyons and parks.

Bachkovo monastery, religious tourism in Bulgaria.

Asen's Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery

Both locations are close to each other and the visit is worth it.

The city of Hisarya and his walls


Great locations for wellness and Roman heritage have been found and date from the 4th century BC.

Kosovo Village

Kosovo village

The village of Kosovo is known for its relatively well-preserved stone houses from the 19th century. 

Discover the Nature in Bulgaria: The most outstanding nature places


Belintash is a small plateau in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria bearing traces of human activity.

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