Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and it has more than 8,000 years of history

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, located on both sides of the Maritsa River and just 2 hours drive from the capital Sofia. Plovdiv will leave you breathless. It is so beautiful and captivating that you will want to visit it once more. Plovdiv is located on seven hills and is often called “The city of the hills.” It has more than 8,000 years of history: ancient and eternal. It was already inhabited during the 11th century B.C. and to this day the city still is. It is among the 5 oldest cities in the world and the first in Europe. Have we caught your attention? Plovdiv has been occupied by many civilizations; Thracians, Romans and Visconti. During the first century it was conquered by the Roman Empire and became an important center. Fortresses, public buildings, ancient amphitheater, Roman aqueduct and much more have been preserved.

The local people are nice and polite, but without forgetting that we are in Eastern Europe and that our way of being friendly is a bit different from the countries of central Europe.

Useful information

  • The city is located on several hills, wear comfortable shoes.
  • Find the spots with the best views and enjoy the sunset.
  • It starts in front of the City Hall every day at 11 PM. 365 Association organises it.

There are 2 tourism office in Plovdiv:

  • Located in the Old Town next to the Ethnographic museum: ul. “Doctor Stoyan Chomakov” 1.

  • Located in the City Center next to the main Mosque: ul. “Rayko Daskalov” 1

What to see in Plovdiv

The old town of Plovdiv is another wonderful place. Here you can see some of the best achievements of Bulgarian revival architecture. The homes of commercials, artists and artisans will take you years ago. Numerous museums, churches, gardens in the city and parks will make your walk a fairy tale. The narrow streets of the artistic district of Kapana are another proof that Plovdiv is an essential place to visit in Bulgaria.

Why choose Plovdiv for your next trips? Do not hesitate, but act boldly. You will not be wrong. A successful combination of modern architecture and at the same time, a glorious past that you will love. Let’s not forget that bars, restaurants and nightlife are by no means less attractive than in Sofia.

Ethnographic museum

Nebet Tepe

St. Constantin and Elena church

Roman theatre

Roman stadium

Alyosha monument

Plovdiv's mosque

Tsa Simeon Park



Mekitsa & Kafe

Modern cuisine


Tradition cuisine




Night life


Cat and Mouse


Rock Bar Download

Cocktail bar

The Post

Cockail bar

Club Fargo


Free Walking Tour

The tour takes you through the main places of interest in the city. Donations are made to the guides at the end of the tours.

Kamenitza Brewery

Learn how one of the most historic and popular beers in Bulgaria is produced. The tour needs a previous booking.

Gaillot Chocolate Factory

Have you ever wondered how cocoa beans turn into chocolate? The workshop opens its doors to chocolate lovers.

Day trips from Plovdiv

Plovdiv is very beautiful and there is much to see both in the city and its surroundings. Even so, one must consider if one wants to know more about the culture and people of the country.

This is where we recommend you visit some of the places that are only a few hours from Plovdiv. In some of the places you can reach both by train and by bus.

We still do not offer these services so if you are looking for something organized, get in touch with us and we take care to find you something interesting.

Asen's Fortress
Its strategic location and natural defenses explain why it has been used since the days of the Thracians, who fortified it in the 5th century BCE.
Bachkovo Monastery
The second biggest monastery in Bulgaria and founded in the XI century