Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism means treating any site you visit with the same respect, thought, and care you would your home, local area, and family. A global community of ethical visitors may improve tourism, foster meaningful connections, and enhance local cultures.

Responsible travel includes several techniques and activities that reduce tourism’s negative impacts and maximise benefits for local communities and the environment.

Responsible TIPS


Try local eateries and businesses instead of the usual suspects.


Rather than using flyers or maps, use your phone.


Be cautious as you set up camp in the great outdoors.


Get out there, stay away from the crowds, and find the real thing.

Bottle of Water

On a day trip, remember to bring your refillable water bottle.


Bear in mind the routes when in the mountains.

Gifts time

Support local businesses by purchasing original presents.

Use of energy

During your stay, you can lower your energy and water usage.​


In every place you visit, be sure to respect the locals' culture.


Electric Car Route

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Sexaginta Prista Fortress, antique Roman remains of a Danube river-city fortress.

Remote Stay

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Camper Tour Experience

Electric bicycle

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These numbers show the tourism IMPACT

Based on the facts below, we do not want to discourage you from travelling. We encourage you to travel and learn about different cultures and peoples but do so with the aim and awareness that you are one of many who do, and we need to know how.


International tourist arrivals have increased to 527 million in 1980.


As of 2017, statistics show they have grown to about 1.320 million.


And they are expected to reach 1.800 million in 2030.

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