History and culture

Land of ancient civilizations

Short introduction

In the Bulgarian lands, you will find the riches of some of the oldest civilizations that have inhabited Europe. Located between East and West, with a favourable climate and natural resources, the country has always witnessed continuous cultural exchange. Museums in the cities abound with a rich collection of antiquities and cultural remains. They will reveal to you the world of their oldest peoples, their religious, cultural and daily beliefs. One of the most distinguished treasures – Varna Necropolis – gives the world the oldest processed treasure of gold found in Europe (5th century BC).

Fortresses from the past

For these lands, there have always been conflicts and different empires have been their owners. Because of this, on many occasions, civilizations and peoples have needed to build fortresses to protect themselves from enemy armies. Some of the fortresses you see below have been the walls of ancient capitals of both the First and Second Bulgarian Empires.

Tsarevets Fortress

Assen's Fortress

Baba Vida Fortress

Belogradchik Fortress

Mezek Fortress

Sacred places of ancient history

The ancient civilization that lived in these lands, left an enviable heritage legacy. As much as unique treasures, buildings and traditions in the creation of wines, all this can be contemplated by the Bulgarian lands. Here we leave some of the most important places that one can visit during their vacations in Bulgaria.

Besides this list, from which we have excluded some places, we have created a special one dedicated to our UNESCO heritage.


Tomb in Starosel


Monuments of modern history and cultural places

Bulgaria was under Ottoman occupation until the year 1879 and since then it preserves monuments and buildings that also represent the years of socialism during the 20th century.

Buzludzha Monument


Ethnographical museum Etar

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