Discover the Bulgarian History & Culture

Bulgaria has been the homeland of some of Europe’s earliest civilisations. Its rich history and culture have been strongly influenced by its location at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East. Antiquities and cultural artefacts from these epochs and societies fill city museums. They uncover the peoples’ religious, cultural, and daily beliefs through the centuries of Bulgarian life.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria - N°1 Plovdiv Travel Guide Before You Go. Urban Tourism
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Popular History and Culture PLACES

From the ancient wonders of the Asen Fortress to the Thracian treasures at the Tomb of Sveshtari, discover the vibrant tapestry of Bulgaria’s past through these iconic landmarks.

Part of the Great Basilica, an architectural complex in Pliska, the first capital of the First Bulgarian Empire. History and Culture tourism.

Great Basilica of Pliska

A 9th-century cathedral, is now an archaeological site in Bulgaria’s first capital.

Assen Fortress in Bulgaria

Assen Fortress

A stronghold from the Middle Ages that features ruins that have been well-preserved and panoramic views.

Nessebar old town. Urban Tourism

City of Nessebar

Among Europe’s oldest towns, Nessebar is a reminder of the Black Sea region’s various civilisations.

Thracian tomb of Sveshtari

Thracian Sveshtari Tomb

Large limestone boulders form this magnificent cave, the country’s best-preserved Thracian tomb.

Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha Monument

Abandoned monument serving as a relic of the country’s communist history.

The open air museum Etar

Ethno Village Etar

An open-air ethnographic museum showcasing Bulgarian traditional craftsmanship.

Selected History and Culture EXPERIENCES

A selected collection of immersive and engaging experiences in Bulgaria make it possible for you to live through the rich history of the country to the fullest. 

The red flat Sofia. Urban Tourism

The Red Flat

Entering the Red Flat means travelling back in time to Communist Bulgaria of the 1980’s.

Buzludzha monument. Urban Tourism

Communist Sofia

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Buzludzha monument inside

Visit Buzludzha

We will soon provide this experience, which you can book through our site.

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