Bulgarian rose

One of the reasons why thousands of people visit Bulgaria every year

The oil from the Bulgarian rose is our national pride. Since the 17th century, these roses grow in our lands. The rose that is used for industrial purposes is called Rosa Damascena, and the valley where these pretty and spiked flowers grow is called “The Valley of Roses.” It is 100 km long and is located in the region that separates the city of Karlovo and Kazanlak. Here the rose feels better than anywhere else and Stara Planina or The old mountain protects it from the cold winds coming from the north.

The collection of roses is not yet mechanized and is done manually. And if you still do not know, now we tell you a detail – these beautiful flowers are collected in the morning because with the passage of the day, the concentration of oil in them is reduced. The process of extracting the oil and its fermentation is even longer than in the case of whiskey and that is why a litre of rose oil is much more expensive. Its price is between 6-7 thousand euros. The petals of roses are introduced into boilers filled with water and then the water is heated. A process that is repeated several times until you get this magical and aromatic elixir. To obtain 1 litre of oil, 3,500 kg of rose petals are necessary. Another fact that will call your attention is that Bulgaria produces 70% of rose oil and has won several awards at international fairs. In the city of Kazanlak, you can visit the only one in Bulgaria, the Rose Museum.

Different products and ingredients coming from the roses can be found and ordered here.

This year, 2022, the Festival of collection of roses will be from the 3-5th of June in the city of Kazanlak.