The Rose Damascena

The Damask rose, scientifically known as Rosa Damascena, is an important part of Bulgaria’s heritage. Rose cultivation began centuries ago, and the Bulgarian people have treasured their connection with this gorgeous bloom ever since. The country’s temperate temperature, abundant sunshine, and excellent soil provide ideal growing conditions for these delicate blooms. 

Rose valley
Photo by: Evgeni Dinev


The event takes place from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June.


The aromatic festival is held in the lovely city of Kazanlak.

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Know more about the ROSE OIL

The rose oil, also known as rose otto, is one of its most valuable offerings. Rose collection is still done by hand because it is not yet mechanized. The laborious technique of steam distillation retains the essence and therapeutic benefits of the petals, resulting in a liquid gold prized by perfumers and skincare craftsmen around the world.  

Rose petals are placed in boilers filled with water, and the water is then heated. This technique is repeated multiple times until you get this amazing and fragrant elixir. Bulgarian rose oil is used to give grandeur and elegance to exquisite perfumes and high-end skincare products.

The amount of rose petals needed to make one litre of rose oil is 3,500 kg.

Roses oir making
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Festival of the ROSE

Experience the vibrant Rose Festival and the Damask Rose’s rich culture. This annual ceremony honours Kazanlak and other rose-growing towns’ centuries-old rose-cultivating traditions. See skilled hands select magnificent roses, listen to traditional dances and music, and see captivating Damask rose presentations.

The first Sunday of June ceremony near Kazanlak in the fields north of the village near Kran hamlet is the most popular.

Apart from its fragrance, the Damask rose is used in Bulgarian cuisine. Rose water from these blossoms adds a delicate floral note to pastries, drinks, and desserts.

Bulgarian Rose
Photo by: Nikolay Pandev

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