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Within the relatively small country of Bulgaria, the natural landscapes are abundant and diverse. Mountains, lakes, caves, forests, rivers, we even have a small desert. Flourishing across these varied terrains are a plethora of flora and fauna, making Bulgaria one of Europe’s most biodiverse countries. Naturalists and nature-lovers alike are drawn to the purity and serenity of Bulgarian nature. 

Pirin National Park and one of the lakes nearby
Photo by Antonia Chekrakchieva

Popular PLACES

Embark on a rewarding journey into the lush nature of Bulgaria. Crisp mountain air, green meadows and trails, tranquil rivers and lakes – all nestled in the country of Bulgaria, waiting to welcome you into its natural haven.

Seven Rila Lakes

The 7 Rila Lakes

Nestled in the Rila mountain range, these captivating lakes are a picturesque alpine adventure.

Picture of the Wonder bridges in the Rhodope Mountains

Wonderful Bridges

One of the most spectacular stone formations arches in the Rhodope Mountains and the country.

The ancient paintings in the Magura cave

Magura Cave

Ancient rock paintings thought to date back over 8,000 years narrate the story of prehistoric civilizations.

Golden Stones

Golden Stones

This is a stone river in the area of ​​the same name on the northwestern slopes of Vitosha.

Devetashka cave

Devetashka Cave

It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, long 2 442 m, with a territory of 20 400 sq. m

Waterfall Raysko Praskalo

Raysko Praskalo

This natural wonder is the country’s highest waterfall, cascading down the cliffs of the Balkan Mountains.

Stobski pyramids

Stobski Pyramids

Rock formations, known as hoodoos, are up to 12 m high and 40 m thick at the base.

Picture from the National Park Pirin

Pirin National Park

Breathtaking park within the Pirin Mountains including alpine meadows, glacial lakes, and dense forests.

The highest peak in the Balkans and Bulgaria, Musala

Musala Peak

Conquer the highest summit on the Balkan Peninsula and take in the stunning and vast views from the top.


Observing nature simply isn’t enough – you have to activate your senses and feel it in your soul. That’s why we’ve selected unforgettable activities that will bring you closer to Bulgarian nature and leave you wanting more.

A group of people doing rafting in a river.


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Wildlife Photography Tour in Bulgaria

Photo ...

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Paragliding in Bulgaria


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