In a small part of the world, Bulgaria has a variety of mountains and routes through which incredible natural formations can be seen.

In Bulgarian folklore, legends and folk traditions contribute to the enrichment of the culture by weaving together the past and present.

If you visit Bulgaria you are assured of a variety of places and interesting stories related to the history and culture of these lands.

Some cities across the country will captivate you. Urban tourism will reveal the personality of each city and its attractions.

Bulgarian cuisine is very varied in flavours, spices, vegetables and meats. It has Arab influence and that of the Balkan region.

Plenty of events and festivals are happening throughout the year. We gather to share emotions and build a sense of fellowship.

Bulgaria is becoming popular among Digital Nomads. Find why and how to work from here while having fun and exploring new country.

Explore the most popular LOCATIONS

Sofia, Bulgaria - N°1 Sofia Travel Guide Before You Go


Capital of Bulgaria, this city dates back to the Roman Empire and is now the hub of the country.

Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes

Nestled in the Rila mountain range, these captivating lakes are a picturesque alpine adventure.

City of Plovdiv

Located in 7 hills, this city is the second largest in Bulgaria and one of Europe’s oldest.

UNESCO has 9 declared World Heritage sites in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery

It is the largest monastery in Bulgaria and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Galery and the Asenevtsi Monument in Veliko Tarnovo

City of Veliko Tarnovo

The old but majestic Bulgarian capital. Most Bulgarians consider this city the most beautiful.

The city of Koprivshtitsa

Town of Koprivshtitsa

Travel back in time to the Second Bulgarian kingdom with a thematic historical exhibition.

Travel information

Tips when travelling to BULGARIA


Consider travel insurance for trip incidents during your visit.

Safety First

The Global Peace Index ranks Bulgaria 28th in safety.


Check with the local government if it is required when entering the country.

Plan Ahead

Research your Destination, local customs, and traditions.

Join us this September on CAMPER

10 day-adventure

We will travel more than 1200 km with camper around Bulgaria.

Outdoor Kitchen

During the trip, chef's will be cooking our food day and night.

6 Experiences

Folkloric concert, kayaking, visit to a bear sanctuary, hiking and more.

15 Locations

Monasteries, natural wonders, villages, thracian citiest and more.

Suggestions for travelling more RESPONSIBLY

Bottle of water

Bring your reusable water bottle on a day out.


Reduce energy and water costs in your travels.

Local Business

Visit independent cafes, pubs, and shops.


Call 112 to report bad practices. It's free and effective.

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Use Bulgaria to its full potential as a location-independent work and travel destination. Discover it with this Digital Nomad Guide.

The platform was developed to give visitors information about this magnificent nation. We hope you find it beneficial and have a wonderful time in Bulgaria.

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