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Explore Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo towers over one of the longest rivers in Bulgaria –  Yantra. It’s one of those special places where natural and man-made wonders complement each other effortlessly. 

Like many of the bigger Bulgarian cities, Veliko Tarnovo has its own cultural and historical significance. During medieval times, Tarnovo (then Tarnovgrad) was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and the centre for political, religious and administrative decisions at the time. 

Today, Veliko Tarnovo is a vibrant and artistic city that still sustains local traditions, crafts, and architecture.

Bird eye view over the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo. Urban Tourism
Photo by: Galin Vasilev

Popular SIGHTS

If you choose to dive into the history of this ancient and significant city, there are plenty of museums, fortresses and historical monuments. On the flip side, you can explore Veliko Tarnovo simply by walking about, absorbing its alluring charm.

Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo

Tsarevets Fortress

The medieval stronghold of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom once housed the royal palace and church.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - N°1 Tarnovo Travel Guide Before You Go

Gurko Street

Historical cobblestone street with restaurants and views towards the Asenevtsi Monument.

Samovodska Chershiya Street

Craft Street

A charming, winding street where you can find local craft shops and old-time cafes.

Mother Bulgaria Monument

Temple Mother Bulgaria

It was built to honour the man who died in the Bulgaria’s 19th- and 20th-century wars.

Galery and the Asenevtsi Monument in Veliko Tarnovo

Asenevtsi Monument

A symbolic landmark depicting the four tsars that ruled Tarnovo during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Archeological Museum in Veliko Tarnovo

Archeological Museum

Travel back in time to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with a thematic historical exhibition.

Hidden GEMS

While you’ll quickly find out about the iconic, must-see landmarks of this city, it’s always useful to know a couple of hidden gems in any location. Some of our favourite spots in Veliko Tarnovo that you should certainly check out, should you have the time. 

Vladishki Bridge in Veliko Tarnovo

Vladishki Bridge

Hidden, wooden bridge below Tsarevets fortress, crossing Yantra.

Varusha district in Veliko Tarnovo

Varusha District

One of the oldest neighbourhoods with the most friendly locals.

Park Sveta Gora in Veliko Tarnovo

Sveta Gora Park

Leafy park at the top of the city, opening up gorgeous views.


Free Walking Tour

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ATV Tour

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Where to ЕАТ

Most restaurants in the city have wonderful views of the Yantra River, which is one of their most notable features. However, some of them are worth a try even if they do not offer that perspective but do have a unique feel.

The restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo, Shtaslivetsa


Nicely decorated with an extraordinary view. Excellent food and serving.

The restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo, Tihiya Kat

Tihiyat Kut

Although it’s a small restaurant, the food is delicious the prices are good, and the staff there is friendly.

The restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo, Han Hadji Nikoli

Han Hadji Nikoli

Is one of the most valuable specimens of the late Renaissance architecture in Bulgaria.

Uselful TIPS

If you want to discover and explore Veliko Tarnovo like a true local, you’ll need to know a couple of things before you go. 

Comfort & Leisure

  • If you’re travelling by car, be prepared for narrow, winding streets and possibly some struggles with parking in the city center. 
  • Many businesses in Veliko Tarnovo follow the traditional, old-time schedule with an afternoon break between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. 

Free Tour

  • The free walking tour in Veliko Tarnovo happens every day at 11 A.M. You don’t need a reservation, just be sure to arrive on time.
  • The meeting point is in front of the Veliko Tarnovo tourist centre. 
  • While the tour is free, a tip to the guide is always appreciated. 


  • Veliko Tarnovo is a popular tourist location, but you can still find some cheaper options.
  • The daily budget in Veliko Tarnovo is around € 15 –  € 35 per person, excluding accommodation. 
  • We highly recommend supporting the small, local shops. 

Suggestions for DAY TRIPS

Visiting Veliko Tarnovo opens you up to a whole new geographical region in Bulgaria, filled with gorgeous landscapes and towns. Whether you want to escape the city for a bit and recharge in nature, or if you’re keen to learn more about the Bulgarian Revivalist history, culture and architecture, you’ll surely find something new to discover. 

A bridge in the Emen Canyon trail near Veliko Tarnovo.

Emen Kanyon

Lush forest connected by wooden bridges passing above the river with waterfalls and meadows.

The open air museum Etar


Etar contains typical houses of the region, artisan workshops and excellent shops for gifts.

Tryavna city. Urban Tourism


Traditional architecture and culture, showcasing the vibrant period of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

Bozhentsi village


Bozhentsi is a picturesque village with charming houses and impressive Revivalist architecture.

Kapinovski Waterfall near Veliko Tarnovo

Kapinovski Waterfall

This waterfall has a wonderful natural pool, into which you can dive on a hot summer day.

Hotnisheski Waterfall

Hotnishki Waterfall

Shady and green trail, weaving through the forest and leading to a clear, blue lagoon and waterfall.

Our video GUIDE

In our short video guide of Veliko Tarnovo, we cover the cultural and historical significance of this magnifecent town. Soak in the atmosphere and dive into some of its impressive history.

10 minutes guide about Veliko Tarnovo

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