Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo City Guide - Travel tips, tourism and places to visit in Veliko Tarnovo

It is located in the geographical centre of Bulgaria and more precisely; 230 km from Sofia, 220 from Varna and 215 from Bourgas. The largest river in northern Bulgaria runs along the city, the Yantra River. It is located on three beautiful hills – Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Momina Krepost.

In the old town, you will have the opportunity to explore unique cultural memories and many beautiful places that have kept the city’s history for centuries. Numerous churches, museums, cultural monuments, ancient fountains and houses of worship where some of his most respected artists have given life to his works.

A symbol of the city of Veliko Turnovo and one of the most visited monuments in Bulgaria is undoubtedly the fortress of “Tsarevets”. It is located on the same hill that bears his name and is just a few steps from the ancient city. It was the main fortress of the aforementioned, Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Its walls protect a total of 120 hectares; in some points, they are 3.4 meters wide and 10 meters high. The archaeological museum “Tsarevets” stands out as a reconstructed royal palace and the Baldinova kula (defence tower).

Useful information

  • The city is located on several hills, wears comfortable shoes.
  • Find the spots with the best views and enjoy the sunset.
  • The daily budget excluding accommodation is between € 15 and € 35 per person depending on your preferences

  • It takes place every day at 11:00 and the meeting point is the tourist office of the city.

What to see in Veliko Tarnovo

Tsarevets Fortress

Archeological museum

Temple of Mother Bulgaria

Gurko street

Vladishki bridge

Asenevtsi monument

Varusha district

Sveta Gora Park

Samovodska street

Rozhdestvo church

In the territory of the fortress you can see the remains of the foundations of more than 400 buildings, aristocratic houses, 23 churches and 4 urban monasteries. At the entrance of Tsarevets you can become a true king or princess. This has a cost, but it is certainly worth living and feeling like kings in those times. Do not miss the audio show organized there called “Sound and Light.” It is totally free and you can see it in the best way from the square in front of Tsarevets

Another important place is the Asenevtsi monument, one of the most emblematic of the city. Dedicated to the four kings of medieval Bulgaria: Asen, Petur, Kaloyan and Ivan Asen II symbolizes the rise and greatness of the state during their reigns. The place where the monument is located is very picturesque and you can see beautiful panoramic views of the city and nature.

Places nearby to Veliko Tarnovo

Emen Canyon
A tour full of waterfalls and caves that is 30km from Veliko Tarnovo. The tour lasts about 2 hours in total.
A hidden village in the mountain of the Central Balkan. It is an archaeological-historical reserve that is 40 km from Veliko Tarnovo.
Hotnishki waterfall
The waterfall is 30 meters high and is the highest in the Veliko Tarnovo region. You reach it through a path that bears the same name as the waterfalls.
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