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Rural tourism

By far the best way to acquaint yourself with Bulgaria is by exploring the countless small villages between bigger cities.

Rural living reveals the true traditions, customs and daily habits of quaint Bulgarian life.If you love slow, natural living, you’ll fall in love with the picturesque villages and local hospitality.

This type of travels open you up to endless cultural exchanges with locals, delicious, homegrown food and a genuine connection to Bulgaria’s past.

Bozhentsi village
Photo by Martin Georgiev

Villages in the mountains of RHODOPE

The Rhodope Mountains have a mystical allure to them, hiding many idyllic villages. It’s here that you’ll be enamored by both traditional Bulgarian archicture and the breathtaking views of the mountain side.

Kosovo Village

Kosovo village

Small Rhodope village actively working to preserve traditional Bulgarian Revivalist architecture.

The village of Leshten

Leshten village

An intriguing mixture of authentic homes and architecture and a modern take on Bulgarian village life.

Village of Gela

Gela village

Winding mountain roads lead to this magical village of scattered neighborhoods and open meadows. 

Shiroka Laka Village

Shiroka Laka village

A true guardian of tradition, this village has raised Bulgaria’s most notable folk singers and musicians. 

The village of Kovachevitsa

Kovachevitsa village

Fruitful land, clear spring water and warm hospitality make Kovachevitsa a village beloved by Bulgarians.

Dolen Village From the Air

Dolen village

Take a historic walk through time and absorb the atmosphere of nostalgia and Bulgarian rural living.

More villages around BULGARIA

Villages with typical Bulgarian architecture can be found in the central region of the country, close to the old Bulgarian capital. There are a couple of exceptions which are located in other areas of the country. Check them out! 

Village of Pirin

Pirin village

Celebrate the village rituals of Babinden and Duhovden with the locals of this charming village.

The village of Arbanasi

Arbanasi village

Discover medieval forts and castles with ancient frescoes in lively Arbanasi, close to Veliko Tarnovo.

Bozhentsi village

Bozhentsi village

Declared an open-air museum, this village is filled with fascinating houses, customary to the region.


Zheravna village

The patriotic spirit is still strong in Zheravna, home to many Bulgarian writers and revolutionaries.

Village of Ichera

Ichera village

Old-fashioned cobbled streets and wooden Revivalist houses line the streets of gorgeous Ichera.

Oreshak village

One of the villages where the infamous Bulgarian clay craft and patterning originates from.


By far, one of the best ways to discover Bulgarian village life is through experiencing it first-hand. We’ve selected a handful of local rituals and regional traditions to fully immerse you in the history and magic of Bulgarian rural tourism.


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