Useful app's

The smart phones are part of our day to day and we use applications all the time. When you travel to Bulgaria there are app's that can help you to make your trip easier and better

Translate by Google

There is a fairly simple way to translate, not in all cases the best, the menus in restaurants. Use Google Translate by adding a photo of the menu and let him do the rest. ​


Similar to that of Google Maps with an advantage, is perfect for Sofia in terms of public transport and how to get from one point to another.

Taxi Me

Download the app for your mobile and ask for a taxi from anywhere. It is easy and safe because the prices are guaranteed by the company.


Do you want to rent an electric car? Sign up easily and quickly, park in the center for free and enjoy more places like Kopitoto or the Dragalevski Monastery.


Available for Android devices only