Useful apps in Bulgaria

Our smartphone is part of our day-to-day and we use a variety of apps to make our lives easier. We’ve outlined some of the most useful applications when visiting Bulgaria and specifically Sofia and the other big cities around the country.

That will make your trip easier, more accessible and more enjoyable.


An application similar to Google Maps, but with the benefit that it provides detailed routes for the main cities in Bulgaria. Whether you’re walking, taking public transport, or driving – Moovit is the mobility you need. 


This app is an offline map that may be downloaded ahead of time and used to guide and track your journey. Is quite useful when visiting rural areas and hiking trails in the mountains.

Taxi Me

If you ever need to call a cab in Sofia,  Taxi Me is the easiest way to do it right from your smart phone. With the location services enabled on your phone, the app places a pin directly on your location. By far the safest and scam-free option to hail a cab in the city, as the prices are fixed. 


Spark allows you to easily zoom around Sofia, or even drive to nearby Plovdiv with an electric car. Simply can your driver’s license and get moving! A huge benefit of this service is that you can park in the centre for free and of course, access remote locations, like Kopitoto or the Dragalevski Monastery.

Useful apps in Bulgaria


Available for Android devices only.