Unknown places in Sofia

Lost in the mountain of Vitosha

This mountain offers a lot to its visitors. The places highlighted below are only part of the things that can be done. In the winter months, when there is snow, there are ski slopes and you can ski both during the day and at night. Always wear comfortable shoes if you plan to climb.

The Golden Bridges

These bridges are a unique natural place that is located in the Vitosha mountain. It bears resemblance to a river of stones. It is only 30 minutes away from Sofia by car, and on the weekend you can get on bus 63, getting off at the last stop. Wear comfortable shoes. There is a restaurant  right next to it , in case you want to eat there.


It is called “Kopitoto” ( The Hoof) due to the peculiar shape of the upper part in which it is located. It rises to an altitude of 1350m. The place shows natural sights of the Vitosha Mountain and Sofia. You can get there by car or by climbing from the Boyana waterfall. It has very nice views of the city.

Boyana Waterfall

One of the most interesting sights in Vitosha. The climb is totally worth it!

Dragalevski Monastery

The monastery of Dragalevtsi “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is a Bulgarian Orthodox female monastery. It is located 1.5 km from Sofia in the Vitosha Mountain and can be easily reached by car.

Some places in the outskirts of Sofia

These places are located in a part of the Bulgarian capital quite far from the center, but both are very interesting to see and it will take you about 30 minutes to reach them by combining different methods of public transport. We always suggest using the Moovit Application to give you the best way to reach them.

The Bells Monument

It was inaugurated in 1979 as Bulgaria was the seat of the International Children’s Assembly “Flag of Peace” under the auspices of UNESCO. 68 bells from different countries are placed but lately some have disappeared. To get there you have to get off at Sofia Business Park and then catching bus 111 or 314.

Vrana Park

It was created based on the influence of European landscape parks. It represents a part of an estate of 140 hectares, belonging to the Bulgarian kings Ferdinand I and Boris III. It is 11 km from the center of the capital. It is reached by bus No. 505 from “Orlov most” (Eagle’s bridge). Open only on weekends.

Other interesting places near the city center

Hadji Dimitar District

Urban Creators. These are the guys who are dedicated to creating a Street Art culture in Sofia, and specifically in the Hadji Dimitar neighborhood. The drawings are really impressive and are something you should not miss if you come to Sofia. They are 15 minutes away from the city center and can be reached by public transport.

Borisova Garden

The oldest and largest park in Sofia. Its construction and settlement began in 1884 and is named after the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III. There is a small lake – “Ariana”  where you can even rent small boats for a quiet and pleasant time in the center of the Bulgarian capital. It is very close to the center.

Serdika Amphitheatre

The Serdica Amphitheater was located in the ancient Roman city Ulpia Serdica, now Sofia and was built in the III-IV centuries AD. Part of it can be seen in the facilities of the Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel which is currently closed.

Socialism Art Museum

The art museum that covers the communist history that lasted 45 years. You can find 77 statues or sculptures, 60 paintings and 25 easel paintings. The most prominent statues are Vladimir Lenin’s, Joseph Stalin’s and the one of the Bulgarian dictator Todor Zhivkov.

Ivan Shishman Street

Shishman Street is Vitoshka’s alternative. It has alternative and interesting stores. The restaurants that are around are really amazing. Made in Blue, Little Things, Taverna Izbata and others.

Women's Market

It is the largest market in Sofia for vegetables, fruits and more. It is very close to the center and worth going. The neighborhood around is also interesting to see. The surrounding places like the Furna pastry shop and the Iranian restaurant Ashurbanipal are not to be missed.