Bulgaria is a mysterious country for foreigners, and if you want to visit it it is important to know a little about the typical traditions. The locals respect their customs very much and when they celebrate them, no details are left. Discover them!

Tradiciones Yordanovden

January 6th

Saint Yordan

Do you know another mammal, apart from the polar bear, which jumps into the water when there is snow outside and the air temperature is -15 Cº? In our country we have a tradition that is celebrated after New Year’s Eve, that day is January 6.

From January to March


If you want to see capricious faces and terrible masks this is the place. No, this is not Halloween, but it is something similar that is celebrated by our lands.

Trifon Zarezan tradición

February 14th

Trifon Zarezan

On February 14 in much of the world is celebrated by everyone known Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day. Well, in Bulgaria it is also celebrated, but February 14 is more popular for the love of wine.

March 1st

Baba Marta

Have you seen a Bulgarian with a red and white bracelet? Do not? This can not be. Grandma Baba Marta is one of the most important Bulgarian traditions and is celebrated from March 1 until the end of the month. It is quite long, right

Baba Marta Martenitsa
Easter painted eggs in Bulgaria

Dates changes every year


Painting eggs, kneading “kozunak” and roast lamb are only part of the tradition around Easter or said in Bulgarian, Velikden. Each year is celebrated on a different date and this depends on the first full moon in spring.

June 3rd


Have you ever crossed your mind to dance on fire? Probably not. It is a popular party that turns into a fire show and is celebrated on the night of Saint Konstantin and Elena

Los bailes de los Nestinari