Christianization as the state religion in 865 has dominated Bulgarian religion. Sunni Islam spread to Bulgaria during the Ottoman administration, and it remains a minority today.

To complement our list, we have established a specific one exclusively for our UNESCO heritage, excluding the Monastery of Rila, which may be found here.

Bachkovo Monastery
Photo by Martin Georgiev

Selected religios TEMPLES

We selected 9 holy temples nationwide, but there are many more. To see a Bulgarian monastery, visit the Dragalevski (Female) Monastery 5km from Sofia. Some monasteries offer free lodging and admission.

UNESCO has 9 declared World Heritage sites in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery

Is the largest and most important spiritual and literary centre of the Bulgarian national revival.

Bachkovo monastery, religious tourism in Bulgaria.

Bachkovo Monastery

Founded in the 11th century, it is one of the oldest monasteries in the Balkan Peninsula.

Monastery of Troyan

Troyan Monastery

Historical records show that the monastery was founded around 1600 and revived in 1830-1865. 

Monastery of Glozhen

Glozhen Monastery

Glozhene Monastery lies on a stone cliff in the western Balkan Mountains below Kamen peak.

Sokolski Monastery

Sokolski Monastery

The monastery was male until 1959 when Gabrovo Virgin Monastery nuns moved there.

Dryanovo Monastery

Dryanovski Monastery

Burned to the ground more than once, he rises like a phoenix from the ashes with even greater grandeur.

Cherepishki Monastery

Cherepishki Monastery

The monastery, founded in the 14th century, is located in a river canyon and has icons in an onsite museum.

The Forest of the Holy Cross - Krustova Gora

Krustova Gora

A major Bulgarian Christian centre, Krastova Gora draws many pilgrims in the Middle of  Rhodopes Mountains.

Preobrazhen Monastery

Preobrazhen Monastery

Outstanding clifftop views compete with murals by renowned painter Zahari Zograf in this monastery.

Useful tips when visiting religious TEMPLES


Some monasteries offer an accommodation. If you are curious, check it out.


Religios temples in Bulgaria are entrance free. This includes monasteries and churches.

Monasteries by gender

Monasteries in Bulgaria are usually male or female. Take this into a count when visiting.


Wear clothes that cover their shoulders, elbows and knees.


When visiting Bulgarian religious places, use common sense when it comes to behaviour.


Visitors frequently make a donation to the church when they visit.

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