The YES and NO

They believe that when we move our heads to indicate YES or NO we do it correctly? They are wrong. Here, in Bulgaria, to say YES we move our heads horizontally and vertically, to say NO. Come on, the other way around. Why do we do so? It is said that during the Ottoman occupation the Turks forced the Bulgarian Christian inhabitants to change their religion. When asked they moved their heads from top to bottom and with that the Turks gave for the fact that they have achieved what they wanted, but it really was not like that. We recommend you avoid answering only by shaking your head so as not to find yourself in a confused situation.

Colourful facades

Many know the colours of Salvador Dalí. Well, in Bulgaria you can see that there are many artists who want to teach their skills and the public administration has nothing against it. Very few blocks of flats with 10 or more years retain their original facades. An example: if the block is grey then you can see white, yellow and orange facades. Some consider it art and others, absurd. We let you choose.

Stray dogs

Do you like dogs and love them when you see them in your neighbourhood? Well, here in Bulgaria you are in the perfect place. Stray dogs are a part of the inhabitants of our cities and our capital included. Many of them are friendly and others not so much. Some are small and some not so much. Accept with a smile our suggestion: smile and be good with them without pampering, just in case.


We all know that the sidewalk is for pedestrians. Well, not always. Strolling through the streets of Sofia, pedestrians have to endure that everything goes with your car on the sidewalk. To very few of them in the end they end up fining since at some points it can be done always and the sidewalk has become a parking lot. Between the cars, there is always some space left for a person to pass. Expect that pedestrians will soon be the "kings" of the sidewalks. Have a nice walk!

Squat shops

These types of stores draw the attention of many who walk through the centre of Sofia and who visit the city for the first time. Its name comes because the store is at street level, the typical basement and to buy something, you have to bend down by bending your knees. In these stores, you can buy alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sweets among others. A tip: Sellers first see your shoes and not your face as in almost all cases. Wear nice shoes for a good first impression.

Coffee machines and large beers

For coffee lovers. In Bulgaria, you can find coffee machines in the place that you least expect. The quality is not bad of the machines and the price is very low. If you need a little caffeine in your blood to keep up with energy, find one. On the other hand, you can see in the store beer bottles of 2.5 litres. Here they play seriously with the amounts of beer in a bottle. You will also not see bottles of 220ml or 330ml.

Promises open 24/7

If for something you do not remember to buy something to eat or drink at 2 in the morning do not worry. In all the big cities in Bulgaria, there are shops that are always open. And not only stores but in Sofia you can find places to eat and we do not talk about McDonald's. So you know, if for some reason you want to buy something else for tonight or tomorrow look for one of these stores.

Gypsy carriage

The carts are part of the fleet on the Bulgarian highway. Less and less often they can be seen in the streets of the capital, although it is still possible, in smaller cities or towns it would not be so surprising to see one. These "pretty" carts are usually carried by gipsies, accompanied by a guard dog, which protects the cart. Many of the carts have car tires and the law requires them to carry license plates. Yes, this is no joke. Come and see them and why not, try them.