Free Walking Tour

The tour takes you to the main places of interest in the city and during all historical periods.

Bulgarian cuisine

Try great main Bulgarian dishes and desserts in some of the best restaurants in town.

Mountain hiking

Join the recharging trek to the Vitosha mountain and catch the first or last rays of the sun.

Bike Tour

Explore Sofia by bike, one of the greenest capitals in Europe! Let's visit the most famous places.​

Communist car

Get carried away by a driver-guide driving one of the most characteristic communist cars

The "Red Flat"

Entering the Red Flat means traveling back in time to communist Bulgaria in the 1980s.​

Alternative tour

A unique adventure in which you will be the explorer, solving different puzzles on your own​

Old Tram Tour

Get on the oldest tram in the city and enjoy an unforgettable historical tour in the city centre.​