The tradition of painting eggs for Easter is very old and apart from Bulgaria you can also see painted eggs in other European countries.

According to ancient Bulgarian customs, on Easter they paint eggs on Thursday or Saturday morning before dawn. Meanwhile in the kitchen you should also prepare the “kozunak” or what is the same, sweet bread. It sounds bland, but it’s delicious. 

The first egg must be painted in red and then, the older woman in the home, paints a cross on the foreheads of the children in the house so that they are healthy throughout the year. In eastern Bulgaria, “egg painters” like to paint them in different colors and call them “perashki”. In the mountains of Rodopi there is another custom where the eggs are painted with wax. On Easter Sunday they all fight with the painted eggs and greet each other with the phrase “Hristos Voskrese” and “Voistina Voskrese”. According to national beliefs, if the egg is not broken by the blow of the other, the person will enjoy good health all year.