Working from Bulgaria?
Digital nomads' must-see.

Are you used to working from a beach, the backseat of a minivan, or a museum cafeteria? Or are you not yet a digital nomad, but you are determined to take advantage of the new reality and set up a year-round home office? If so, this is the article for you.

In the following paragraphs, we will unveil the hidden potential of Bulgaria, which had already begun to integrate the “on-remote” work culture prior to the series of lockdowns. We used our collective experience to compile the most important information regarding digital nomadism in Bulgaria in one place.

Why Bulgaria?

Are you bored of working under routine and constraint?

Khan Asparukh had you in mind when he founded a little Balkan state around 1330 years ago. He chose territories with gorgeous mountains, lush plains, immense woods, pure mineral springs, and the infinite blue of the Black Sea, where the ancient Thracians, Hellenes, and Romans once flourished. He referred to it as Bulgaria…

If that isn’t enough, there is also interesting architecture and one of Europe’s best cuisines. Try mekitsi, lutenitsa, and lukanka. And brandy, also called rakia … we make it out of, honestly, anything. And here we put an end to the international debate: yoghurt is a Bulgarian product

Bulgaria’s colourful populace continues to defy convention and live in its own manner. However, despite our raucous tempers, we love people coming from elsewhere and make them feel at home.

Bulgaria is much more than a tourist attraction. It is multicultural, tiny, gorgeous, and pleasant. Many foreigners call this patch of land home, and many digital nomads chose the country as a stopover on their long bucket list of unusual places to reside. We are glad that the co-working trend was warmly welcomed by Bulgarians in its early stages, and as a result, we established solid traditions in shared workspaces. They may be found in many Bulgarian cities, not only in the capital. They are also frequently an international hub for the development and execution of ideas.

We can’t forget about the cost of living. Our currency (Bulgarian lev) is pegged to the euro and costs exactly twice as much. In other words, if you earn 2,000 euros, it will be equivalent to around 4,000 BGN here, allowing you to live comfortably … even luxuriously.

We guarantee you will fall in love once you arrive in the region of rose fields and the strongest brandy, of fiery pepper and bottomless wells of history. If not in Bulgaria, but certainly with a Bulgarian woman!

But let’s get a little more detailed about where all this magic is concealed.

Working space
Office space with a mountain in the background. Photographer: Hristo Sahatchiev

Where exactly in Bulgaria?

For a long time, Bulgaria was primarily renowned as a party destination due to the low prices at the country’s seaside and mountain resorts. Although the nightlife remains hectic, this perception has been shattered in recent years with the introduction of numerous multinational enterprises in the Bulgarian market. They promoted service sector jobs and brought in highly skilled foreign workers.

Apart from Sofia, Bulgaria’s undisputed economic powerhouse, there are several more important cities worth visiting. And, in keeping with the trend of encouraging digital nomadism, these towns have their own intriguing places for collaborative work. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite coworking spaces!

In Sofia, you can find a church, a mosque, and a synagogue all at the same junction. A spot where you can eat your way around the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America in one evening and still have energy for a glass at a rooftop bar with a spectacular view. There are also communal workspaces on such rooftops. Our capital, like any other, does not slumber, no matter how lovely it is situated between five mountains. (We also provide non-sleeping coworking spaces.) However, there aren’t many cities in the world where you can walk to work and go on a mountain hike in 20 minutes.

Betahaus Sofia was founded June 2012 and nowadays they have 4 different locations around the city.

It started as an IT startup. They needed an office. They didn’t find one. Long story short, now they make coworking spaces for amazing IT humans. Cool, huh? 

Coworking spaces are available in Sofia and Plovdiv. They are the brand with the most coworking spaces in Bulgaria, with a total of six sites.

Varna - the diva of the Black Sea.

With sea breeze, sprats, and fried potatoes… and Varna and its people will leave you speechless. It is gorgeous and huge, but it is also so practical that only one sea garden separates you from the beach and the heart of the big city. You can simply scatter sand with your flip-flops through Varna’s exquisite streets, wander through its many parks with a cocktail in hand, and touch history through the ruins of old cities. 

If you want more adrenaline, the bungee leap from the Asparukh Bridge is for you! And there are so many places worth seeing in Varna that you’ll need at least a month to see them all.

Work del Mar is a Colombian-themed coworking space. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small teams will find our place inspiring and distinctive.

As freelancers, we understand very well the need for a productive work environment. Switch coworking space was created by freelancers for freelancers

Innovator is the first-of-its-kind maker and coworking space in Varna, where tech enthusiasts, innovators, and freelancers can meet, work and cooperate.

Plovdiv, Europe’s cultural capital and twinned with St. Petersburg, has an unmistakable personality. Music, fashion, history, and architecture ranging from Antiquity to Art Deco are all crammed between six syenite mounds that provide a bird’s eye view of the city… and spectacular dramatic sunsets. If you want to immerse yourself in culture and get lost in the narrow lanes lined with art galleries and lovely cafes, Plovdiv is the place to be!

Hub for creative souls, whether they are temporary fly-by-nighters (or weeks) or permanent residents looking for roots in a dynamic community.

Coworking spaces are available in Sofia and Plovdiv. They are the brand with the most coworking spaces in Bulgaria, with a total of six sites.

Central location, in the heart of Plovdiv, for a modern workspace. 

Other locations in big cities around Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, there are numerous coworking spaces, some of which are rather fascinating. Cities such as Ruse and Stara Zagora provide acceptable living circumstances while still having some working space options.

Nebula coworking space lives in the iconic father’s house of Alexander Marulev – soloist of the State Opera – Stara Zagora.

Not only will you find so-called open workplaces here, but also offices and spaces for presentations and idea sharing.

The location is up in the mountain. Part of the hut Rilski Ezera, also provides a coworking place with great views.

And here are a couple off-the-beaten-path gems:

We can’t help but recommend some off-the-beaten-path spots for city inhabitants. If you appreciate calm and the environment, you will appreciate the founders of these coworking spaces. You’ve probably heard about Bansko. The town has become a popular European location for digital nomads. The Bansko Nomad Fest is a must-see summer destination for tens of thousands of office workers.

And now that we’ve given you some suggestions about where to work, let’s focus on the formal aspect of your stay in Bulgaria.

Bansko Nomad Fest

Organised by Coworking Bansko

For one week hundreds of nomads, remote workers and freelancers will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.

Useful information


Bulgaria, being a member of the European Union, provides very favourable conditions for nomads having European citizenship. A valid identity document (identity card or passport) is all that is required for a stay of up to 6 months in the nation. In essence, you are entering the country as a tourist. It is also suggested that you obtain a European Health Card so that you can use emergency medical services without restriction if needed.

If you are not from the EU, we recommend that you read the List of countries whose residents, and holders of regular passports, require or do not require a visa to enter Bulgaria, and then contact the Embassy responsible for your country at the Republic of Bulgaria. Check the link of the Minestry of Forigner Affairs of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria currently does not provide specific visas for digital nomads.

Nomad Balkans

Experience the Balkans while working remotely

Our friends from Nomad Balkans can assist you with any administration or business needs. Also, look them up because they provide breathtaking experiences all around the country.


Because most landlords agree to rent their properties to foreign people, the issue of accommodation is readily resolved. Rents in the country are not costly, but finding a short-term lease with a landlord might be difficult. They are usually good for 6 months or a year, and a deposit of 1-2 months’ rent is required. The summer season on the Black Sea coast is an exception, as landlords are more accommodating.

Airbnb is the greatest option for short-term stays. If, in addition to a shared workplace, you prefer the notion of a shared residence, there are many attractive possibilities for hostel accommodation in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna.

After you’ve decided on a destination, a documentary, and a place to stay, it’s time to think about how you’ll use your free time while travelling throughout Bulgaria.

Coliving places around Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, coliving spaces are typically designed to cater to the needs of digital nomads, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals seeking a flexible and inclusive living arrangement. These spaces often feature a combination of private bedrooms and shared living areas, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and co-working spaces, where residents can work, socialize, and relax.

We’ve chosen a few truly intriguing locations where you can easily combine living and working in the same space.

Zellin House is located on a hill in Zellin, a mountainous location with spectacular views. Aside from that, it is only 50 kilometers from Sofia.

This coliving space was a mineral water spa for local employees with two buildings and an 8000sq.m. lawn between the sea and Burgas. Renovated in 2020.

A unique distraction-free 200-unit coliving destination in a remote location in Bulgaria based on community, collaboration and cooperation.

When in Bulgaria

The culinary richness of this small Balkan country will impress you, but it will not be your only activity here. Bulgaria loves festivals and cultural events, so there will be many of them: the Night of the Museums in Sofia, Kapana Fest in Plovdiv, or some jazz festival… the list is endless. So read on for more.

You will have the opportunity to learn about traditions you have never seen before. Cookers and fireplaces are wrapped in mystery and will transport you beyond earthly existence. On March 1st, you will tie your boots, and on New Year’s Eve, the neighbourhood children will salute you for good health. You will wander through the infinite Thracian plain and absorb its perfume on a rosebush in the morning.

Words cannot express what you will experience in Bulgaria, no matter how much we tell you about its allure. You simply must come and experience it with your senses!

If you grow bored, don’t worry: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas are the hubs of two of Europe’s largest low-cost airlines. Wizz Air and Ryanair offer rapid and low-cost flights to a variety of destinations (both local and far). You pick whether to visit Bulgaria for a weekend break or as a starting point for your next nomadic adventure.

But trust us when we say that once you step foot in Bulgaria, you will want to return again and again.

A final word

We invite you to join us on an adventure in a magical country. A destination where you will have a lot of everything, where you will taste the Balkan dolce far niente, and where you will discover new business and development chances.

If we haven’t persuaded you yet, go ahead and buy aircraft tickets. Bulgaria will persuade you all by itself. And we’re here to assist!