Lovech is a town in central northern Bulgaria. It is located 150 km from Sofia, on both sides of the Osam River, which emerges from a rocky gorge and makes several bends between the Stratesh, Hissarya and Bash Bunar hills. Lovech is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria. The traces of human activity date from the most ancient times, for which the favorable position of the city between the mountain and the plain, as well as the presence of a river play a decisive role.

The Lovech Medieval Fortress is known since the time of the Second Bulgarian State. It is situated on a hill which was later called “Hisarya”. Here in 1187 was the decisive battle between the rebel army of the house of Assen and Byzantium. The signed peace treaty marks the recognition of the Second Bulgarian State. Later, the Lovech Fortress was among the last conquered during the Ottoman invasion. During that same period, Lovech is known as the center of the Internal Revolutionary Organization of Vasil Levski, our greatest national hero.


It is located 150 km from Sofia

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In 1872 – 1874 Master Nikola Fichev built the one-of-a-kind Covered Bridge in the Balkans. It was subsequently burned to the ground (1925) and rebuilt in 1931.  The main historical area is Varosha. It is an old quarter in Lovech, which is the main part of the Varosha Architectural and Historical Reserve. Within the boundaries of the Architectural and Historical Reserve “Varosha” are registered more than 200 architectural, historical and cultural monuments of which the most famous are the monument and museum of Vasil Levski, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the Turkish bath “Deli Hamam” and several really beautiful and well-preserved house museums from the period of the Bulgarian Revival.

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