The walled city with enviable mineral characteristics

The city of Hisarya (in Turkish means “strength”) is a charming city in central Bulgaria with a millennial history.

Hisarya is located about 40km from the city of Plovdiv. The oldest remains that have been found in the city date from the 4th century BC. It was founded by the emperor Diocletian who also gave the name of the city, at that time called, Dioclecianopolis. To protect against enemy attacks, Diocletian ordered that the city be surrounded by high walls, whose circumference is 2327 m and in certain places reached 13 meters in height. At that time, to enter the city, four doors were used, one of which, the main and largest, is called Camels and today is one of the symbols of the city. The walls of the then Diocletianopolis are among the best preserved in Europe.

Another surprising thing is that there are Roman baths extremely well preserved that at that time were used for thermal procedures. They are preserved almost to the ceiling and impress tourists with their originality. The first thermal procedures in Bulgaria were carried out in the distant 1882 and do you know where? Right in the city of Hisarya. The city has 22 points with mineral water with different physical-chemical composition and temperature which has proven curative qualities.


Distance from Plovdiv: 50 km

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What else can you see? There are many excavations. Well, not as much as in Rome, but there is still something to see. The ancient city is an archaeological reserve and you can see a Thracian tomb, villas, excavations of the Roman baths, the basilica and administrative buildings. Hisarya is very green. Wherever you look you can see parks and gardens. In one of the parks of the city, near the source of mineral water with a beautiful name “Lily of the valley”, there is a colonnade, Roman replica, from the year 1960.

Your stay at Hisarya will surely be excellent. The favorable climate, the fresh air, the tranquility in the city and the good facilities will contribute favourably to this. There is a little secret and that is that in almost all the hotels in the city, their pools are with mineral water.

Near Hisarya is the town of Starosel where you can see a Thracian temple that gives the S. V a.C. It is one of the largest Thracian real complexes in southeastern Europe. There is a hotel complex with a modern winery where they make a very high quality wine. Do not forget to buy at least one bottle and continue your trip.