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While Bansko is a favored winter sports destination in Europe, the city offers exceptional nature year-round. A quick trip from Sofia, this location is prime for a getaway from the urban bustle and into an outdoors adventure during both winter and summer. 

A thriving digital nomad community has also developed in Bansko over the past years, diversifying the local population and providing many networking opportunities and making the city a location of choice for many travelers.

Modern-day Nessebar is divided into and old, ancient part and a new, contemporary region. To this day, the city attracts visitors from around the world with its notable antiquity, coastal serenity and variety of cultural events. 

Nessebar old town

Popular SIGHTS

Bansko is relatively a small town, but there are still some noteworthy sights and attractions to discover here. Take a stroll through the city center and dive into the local foklore and culture at the local church, or at one of the museums.

The Holy Trinity church is a masterpiece of Bulgarian Revival architecture, characterized by its striking façade adorned with intricate frescoes and ornate woodcarvings.

Holy Trinity Church

A monumental 19th-century stone building hiding intricate baroque woodwork and an ornate altar inside.

The mountain city of Bansko and one of its main streets with Revivalist architecture.

Pirin Street

The lively main street in Bansko’s city centre brimming with restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Two stone cobble houses shown at an angle, part of the Museum Complex in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Museum Complex

A collection of cultural museums, historic figures’ artistic homes and folklore exhibitions.


Of course, in the winter you’ll find avid skiers, snowboarders and a lively après ski culture. Even if you choose to visit Bansko during the summer though, there are still plenty of activities, events and natural adventures. 

Image depicting a bear in nature at the Belitsa Bear Park in Bulgaria - a safe haven for rescued bears.

Belitsa Bear Sanctuary

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Rila Fun Park

Rila Fun Park

We will soon provide this experience, which you can book through our site.

Ski lessons in Bulgaria

Skiing or Biking

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Useful TIPS

If you’re an experiences skiier, we definitely won’t tell you what to pack. Either way, we’ve highlighted some of the most important things you need to know before visiting Bansko, whether in the winter, or the summer. 

Comfort & Leisure

  • There are numerous places to choose from during your stay in Bansko. The majority of the city’s hotels offer mineral swimming pools and spas.
  • Be sure to bring adequate attire and be prepared for weather changes. Summer evenings can get a bit chilly in the mountain. 


  • Depending on the time of your visit, you might want to enjoy the sunshine in an outdoor cafe, or cozy up in a traditional tavern. Luckily, Bansko offers both options. 
  • The city’s culinary specialities include kapama, chomlek, banski shish, and banski starets.

When to Visit

  • Drop in Bansko’s most popular season and enjoy a variety of winter sports, impromptu parties, or relaxing spas. 
  • Escape the heat of the city and discover the lush greenery and lively festivals and events in Bansko during the summer months. 



Our friend and partner Martin Grahovski from 3 Minute Bulgaria briefly captures the magic of Bansko. Take in the city’s views and cozy atmosphere in this quick, introductory video. 

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