The capital of snow sports in Bulgaria

150 kilometres from Sofia is one of the main centres of winter tourism in Bulgaria and the Balkans. It is a very popular destination among lovers of skiing and snowboarding. The 16 tracks and the 75 km of the route are perfectly equipped and maintained, even illuminated for night skiers.

There are also many international sporting events in the city that take place during the winter. The city not only offers good conditions to relax and ski, but also has museums, typical architecture in the old town, and restaurants with typical regional cuisine. A variety of homemade food, and meat dishes with interesting names like “Banski Starets” (grandfather of Bansko), “Chomlek” and “Banska Kurvavitsa”.

In the city, you can visit the houses of Velian Sirleshtova, and Todeva which are samples of the architecture in the city.


Distance from Sofia: 145 km

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How to get here

It is quite difficult get there. Rent a car or use the bus

Оn the nearest mountain, about 15 km away, is the oldest tree in Bulgaria (Baykushevata Mura). Nearby are also the cities of Razlog, Dobrinishte, the church “Saint Todor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat” which is under the auspices of UNESCO. For jazz lovers every year the International Jazz Festival is celebrated and you can also see the Bansko Opera Festival. The city is visited all year round and at any time you visit it you will not go wrong.

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