Bulgarian cuisine has several flavours and types. Arab and Balkan influences are present. Salads, soups, and meat are cooked. Visitors to Bulgaria are astonished by how tasty they are and never go hungry!

Meal courses

Once you are in the restaurant you might have to order something from the menu. Then you might have to be by yourself. If you want to know in advance, this this list out.

We’ve just selected a few of them.

You’ll notice that the menu is full of soups and salads.

"Shkembe" Soup

Eggs "Panagiurski"

"Shopska" Salad

"Tarator" Soup


Bulgaria has a thriving beverage culture that reflects the country’s history, climate, and cultural influences. A variety of traditional drinks that have been enjoyed for millennia are fundamental to this culture.

Bulgaria’s drinking culture reflects the country’s deep-rooted traditions, natural resources, and the significance of community events in the social fabric. Beverages play an important role in Bulgarian daily life and celebrations, whether it’s sharing a glass of rakia, savoring a superb wine, or sipping a cup of herbal tea.