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Big Cities In Bulgaria

These Bulgarian cities have the highest populations and most often attract the most visitors. While they all have things in common, you will discover something unique in every one of them. 

Veliko Tarnovo Varusha Quarter

6 Largest cities in Bulgaria

The cities listed below have beautiful and interesting urban environments, museums, and fortresses. There are also other interesting places for visitors to visit nearby. These are not the only beautiful cities in Bulgaria; there are many more, but these here should be enough for now. Check them out!

Catedral Alexander Nevski desde el aire. Urban Tourism


Capital of Bulgaria, this city dates back to the Roman Empire and is now the hub of the country.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria - N°1 Plovdiv Travel Guide Before You Go. Urban Tourism


Located in 7 hills, this city is the second largest in Bulgaria and is one of the oldest in Europe.

Bird eye view over the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo. Urban Tourism

Veliko Tarnovo

The old but majestic Bulgarian capital. Most Bulgarians consider this city the most beautiful.



The city is located on the Danube River and is also known as Little Vienna due to its beautiful buildings.

Aerial view of The Cathedral of the Assumption in Varna

Varna - coming soon

Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria and the largest city on the Black Sea Coast.

Visual showing a beach in the city of Burgas, as well as Burgas' Black Sea port.

Burgas - coming soon

Bulgarian Black Sea city. It is a major industrial hub with several tourist attractions in the area around.


Regional customs, flavours and traditions make road-tripping through the cities of Bulgaria worthwhile. We’ve selected a variety of experiences, allowing you to tailor your route according to your interests and preferences.

Monument in Shumen - Ultimate Guide for Bulgaria.

Communist Tour

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Buzludzha monument. Urban Tourism

Free Walking Tours

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Traditional Bulgarian Wine

Wine Testing

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We’ve gathered the most interesting information about the most notable cities in Bulgaria – big and small. Familiarize yourself with the features of each unique location to best plan for your trip.

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