What to do in Zheravna

The village of Zheravna is located 16 kilometers south of Kotel. Due to its many monuments of culture, Zheravna was declared an architectural reserve.

Things to do in Zheravna


Zheravna is an architectural reserve with well-preserved and restored Revival houses, decorated with exquisite carvings, narrow cobblestone streets and numerous fountains. 172 houses in the village have been declared monuments of culture.

Among the most interesting buildings, accessible for tourists, are Chorbadzhi Rusi’s house, the native house of the famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov and the native house of the publicist Sava Filaretov.

What to visit in Zheravna ?

Some of the houses are older than 300 years. The houses of Rusi Chorbadzhi, the home of the writer Yordan Yovkov, the home of Sava Filaretov and the church “St. Nicolas” are of great interest for tourists.

Zheravna lies scenically in the lower eastern part of the Balkan Mountains, at a place where they’re gradually descending as they approach the Black Sea.

Zheravna rose to affluence and importance in the 17th century due to its key position on a trading route. The residents built imposing houses of wood decorated with elaborate woodcarvings and traditional local carpets.

Festival of folk costume in the village of Zheravna

Each summer in the town is held a traditional festival of the national costumes. The village is quite popular among tourists, who prefer to stay in old Revival houses.