Winter tourism in Bulgaria

We warn that all the places presented that serve as stations and ski slopes during the winter are also very nice to visit and enjoy a rest close to nature in the sunny months.


Bansko is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, about 150 km from Sofia and is the largest and most famous ski resort in Bulgaria. The climate and the alpine character of the mountain is the perfect place for professional and amateur skiing and snowboarding. The season lasts from December to the beginning of May. Due to the modern conditions offered by the complex every year there are professional world competitions. The ski slopes are located approximately 10 km above the city on the northern slope of Pirin and are easily accessible, approximately 25 minutes with the new gondola lift from Bansko. The total length of the ski slopes is 75 km. Of these: tracks for beginners – 35%, advanced tracks – 40%, tracks for experienced – 25%. Its location allows numerous combinations of tracks offering races with different difficulties and slopes. The opening party of the season is every year between December 14 and 21 and it is a very fun and exciting time. The city of Bansko offers numerous hotels, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a good rest after the day on the mountain, traditional food of the region or a crazy party at night.


Borovets is located in the municipality of Samokov, Sofia district, 68 km from the capital. It is located at 1350m above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila and has 58 km of marked ski and snowboard slopes suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals. The complex offers excellent conditions for mountain tourism and sports: skiing, snowboarding and during the summer months – mountain biking. In addition, on the top of Rila Mountain, the Markudjik ski center, the snow cover reaches 2 m, which offers exceptional opportunities for extreme alpine skiing and snowboarding. At that height the views to the tops of the highest mountain in the Balkans are phenomenal! The season lasts from December to April. Borovets also has many hotels and guest houses tucked away in the forest to enjoy a good rest in the mountains. Do not forget to order fries with cheese and  herbs or other typical food of the region in the restaurants!


The Pamporovo ski resort is located inside the magnificent mountain of the Rhodopes at 1650m above sea level, at the foot of the Snezhanka peak. It is located in the territory of the municipality of Smolyan and the municipality of Chepelare, about 220 km from Sofia. Almost all the ski slopes at the station start at the Snezhanka peak, with an altitude of 1926m. The total length of the tracks is 37 km and they are suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals. The tourist season starts in December and lasts almost until the end of April. In the summer, lovers of extreme sports can enjoy the largest mountain biking complex in the Balkans located in the same region. It is compulsory to enjoy the food and get to know the culture of the Smolyan region, famous for the beauty and mystery of the Rhodopes and the traditional music of the Bulgarian bagpipers!

Vitosha mountain

Vitosha is an ideal place for a skiing and snowboarding holiday of a day or more for all visitors and residents of Sofia. The ski and snowboard center “Aleko” is the oldest in Bulgaria and the most visited in Vitosha. The altitude is approximately 1800 m. The ski slopes of Vitosha are varied and suitable for experienced skiers and beginners and snowboarders. It can be reached in 30 minutes by car or with public transport buses that leave from several stations in Sofia.


The Bezbog ski slope has a length of 5 km. You can reach the area by a paved road from Dobrinishte to the Gotse Delchev hut, near Bansko. From Gotse Delchev starts a chairlift. The track has different degrees of difficulty and starts at the foot of Mount Bezbog. The upper part of the trail from the Bezbog hut to the intermediate station is suitable for children and beginners. There is good visibility and a slight slope. The lower part of the trail is more suitable for experienced skiers. In this part of the Pirin mountain there are always many sunny days and snow. The tracks are handled regularly. 

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