Vitosha Ski Resort Guide

The Vitosha mountain is situated only 10 km far from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The mountain is good for skiing in the winter and trekking in the summer. It is easily accessible both in the winter and in the summer but its weather is very changeable.

In Vitosha there are two biosphere preserves – Bistrishko Branishte and Torfeno Branishte. The highest peak of Vitosha is Cherni Vruh (2290 m). The main skiing area is under it.

Vitosha offers excellent conditions for snow sports, with huge skiing areas and many slopes with powder, but last few years the skiing infrastructure and the hotels in the mountain were not developed according to the needs of the tourists.

It starts to snow heavy in December and it is stable till late spring. The snow cover reaches a thickness of 1.5 m. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days and the average temperature of the air is minus 6 ° C. There are good conditions for slalom and cross-country skiing, as well as for tours on foot throughout the mountain.

Concerning the hotels and chalets in the mountain, most of them are basic ones, with very limited facilities and low prices. For guests with higher requirements we recommend the hotels in Simeonovo and Dragalevtsi area of Sofia, which have better facilities and offer very reasonable prices.