What to do in Troyan

Troyan is located 18 kilometers east of Shipkovo. The picturesque mountain town gave its name to this part of the Balkan Mountain, also known as Troyan Balkan Mountain. The town was founded in the 15th century by settlers from western Bulgaria.

What to do in Troyan

During the Bulgarian Revival Troyan became famous for its master potters and the Troyan ceramic and pottery school. The Troyan monastery is located near the town – it is one of the largest monasteries in the Balkan Mountain.

It is often visited by tourists and pilgrims. The town is also of great interest for tourists. The famous unique Museum of traditional crafts and applied arts is also located in the town. The National Exhibition of crafts and arts is situated in the nearby village Oreshak.

  1. Troyan Monastery

Troyan Monastery is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. It was founded around the year 1600. The relic of the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Three-Handed Virgin Mary. The villages around Troyan are famous for their numerous pottery workshops.

2. Beklemeto Pass

Beklemeto Pass, also known as Troyan Pass is a mountain pass in the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina) in Bulgaria. It connects Troyan and Karnare on the Karlovo Plain.

The pass is in north-central Bulgaria 20 km from the town of Troyan. The pass features a ski resort.