You cannot come to Bulgaria without visiting one of the many beautiful  Traditional villages in Bulgaria, on the top of rounded hills or in the middle of green plains.

Visit My Bulgaria give you 10 ideas :

1. Eco complex Bukor Shtepi, Mandrica


Eco complex “Bukor Shtepi” with its two corps “Magnolia” And “Linden” is located in Rodopi village of Mandritsa. This is one of the little still kept authentic pieces in Bulgaria, where there are no human steps almost, where the time has been stopped, where the nature has kept its beauty in its original look, where the ground and sky merge themselves in one blue-green line at the endless horizon.


2. Panorama Guesthouse in the village of Gela


Wrapped in the magic of the Rhodopes, embraced by the mystic Orpheus songs and the unique cry of the bagpipes, huddled among beautiful peaks – Panorama Guesthouse in the village of Gela awaits you! Here you will find luxurious atmosphere combined with the warm coziness during the winter and mild coolness in the summer, complying with all our guests’ requirements. What we offer here shall provoke your admiration and the nature, the spirit and the beauty of the mountain shall make you feel relaxed .

3. Clay house, Leshten


This is one small house, with unique architecture and building style, made of clay. When you see it for the first time, it reminds to “the house of the Flintstones family”. Indeed, inside the house is furnished with all facilities, which you need to have one of the best moments in your life.




4. House Diabora, Arbanasi


Guest House Diabora is situated in the historic village of Arbanasi and provides an outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub.Veliko Tarnovo is a 5-minute drive away. The Transfiguration Monastery is 7 km away and Gabrovo can be reached within 40 minutes by car.



5. Yovina House,  Zheravna


The perfect place to escape from the big-city stress and reload a lot of energy and strength. The beauty of nature and traditional Bulgarian culture will turn the time spent with us in an unforgettable experience. The meeting with the spirit of Jeravna will diversify and enrich your free time. Delicious traditional dishes in an atmosphere of regenerating silence, interfered only by the whisper of legends and stories, help you forget the quickened pace of everyday life.



6. Guest House Vesko & Suzi, Kovachevica


Vesko & Suzi Guest House is a traditional mountain-style house set in Kovachevitsa, in the western Rhodope Mountains and offers an authentic tavern on-site. For the first time a house emerged at this location in a typical Kovachevitsa style already in 1947. It was only in 2001 when Vesko аnd Suzi built the as of today former tavern of this house. Four years later just above it two guest rooms were erected. In 2007 on the student’s holiday (December 8th) a group of enthusiasts took the decision to further expand the building using a European program financing facility aiming to convert it into a more cozy and better suited for parties place.


7. Guest House St. Michael, Ribarica


Located 1.5 km from the centre of Ribaritsa, Guest Rooms St. Michael is surrounded by greenery and feature a spacious garden with barbecue, a children’s playground and a games room. An outdoor swimming pool is available throughout the summer. The house have a private barbecue, a kitchen, a fireplace and a patio.



8. Hadzhi Velinov Han, Bozhentsi


  If you want to feel the atmosphere of old times do visit “Hadji Velinov Han” – the most popular guesthouse in the architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi. Inspired by the beauty and calmness of this village, many Bulgarian writers, musicians and painters created some of their greatest works there.

9 Guest House Ognyanovo,  Ognyanovo

Located in the popular with its healing mineral water Ognyanovo village.. Guest House Ognyanovo is located in Ognyanovo, 35 km from Bansko. The guest house has a spa centre and sauna. Ognyanovo is one of the few places in Bulgaria where ascend four mountains – Pirin, the Rhodopes, Slavyanka and Stargach. 50 km from the winter resort of Bansko and 15 km from the Greek border, 200 km from Sofia and 70 km from the Greek Aegean Sea.

10. Leshtenski Rai Guest House, Leshten


Leshtenski Rai Guest House is set on a hill, opening to panoramic views of Pirin Mountain.A fully-equipped kitchen is available for self-catering and the bathroom comes with a bath. An additional toilet is provided. The common terrace offers scenic mountain views. A shared on-site tavern with a fireplace is at guests’ disposal for self-service.