The largest and most developed ski resorts in Bulgaria are Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Read details on all Bulgarian ski resorts below.

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Borovets is the biggest international mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located at 1350 above the sea level (with highest pistes at 2600 m), on the Northern slopes of Rila mountain among age-old pine woods, at the foot of Mousala peak (2925 m) the highest one on the Balkan peninsula. Borovets is easily accessible, being at a distance of 70 km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and 126 km from Plovdiv.

2. Pamporovo

Pamporovo is a modern ski resort in the heart of the Rhodopi mountain, the mountain of the mythical singer Orpheus. It is the most southern skiing resort in Europe. It is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort with wonderful snow throughout the whole season. Pamporovo is situated on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926 m). It is 240 km far from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv.


Bansko is located on 925 m. above sea level, and its skiing area is on 2000-2500 m above sea level. Bansko is the new Bulgarian ski resort, recently discovered by the foreign skiers and tourists, but well known in Bulgaria. Bansko provides a superb combination of virgin nature of the Pirin mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small towns. Bansko is not only a resort but also a beautiful historic spot.


Vitosha is on 1800 m above sea level, and only 10 km far from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This is the highest ski resort of Bulgaria. The mountain is good for skiing in the winter and trekking in the summer. It is easily accessible both in the winter and in the summer but its weather is very changeable. In Vitosha there are two biosphere preserves – Bistrishko Branishte and Torfeno Branishte. The highest peak of Vitosha is Cherni Vruh (2290 m). The main skiing area is under it.


Chepelare is on 1100 m above sea level, a small Bulgarian town in Rhodopi mountain, very near Pamporovo. The nature is beautiful, old pine trees, green meadows (in the spring) and deep snow slopes in the winter. The longest ski run in Bulgaria you can find in Chepelare. The skiing infrastructure is basic, but OK, a 2-chair lift with total length of 2471 m and capacity of 600 persons reaches the top of the mountain to Chala peak (1873 m), where the starting points of the ski runs is located, for just 17 minutes.


Malyovitsa is on 1700 m above sea level. Malyovitsa is about 40 km far from Borovets, but is much smaller resort than Borovets. Nevertheles, the nature in the resort is beautiful. It is situated within the Malyovitsa part of North-Western Rila mountain. A road connects it to the Govedartsi village (13 km) and to the town of Samokov (27 km). There are several ski runs and ski sports infrastructure within the region. The accommodation facilities are not very well developed here.

7.Tsigov Chark

Tsigov Chark is located in the Western part of the Rhodopi mountainis, some 8 km from the town of Batak and 24 km east from Velingrad. The resort is situated nearby the artificial lake of Batak. The average altitude is 900-1100 meters above sea level. The resort is both suitable for snowsports in the winter and summer holidays (near the lake can be put a caravan or a tent). The new piste Tsigov Chark offers good conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The average drop is around 100 meters, which make is suitable for both beginners and intermediate skiers…more Semkovo is a mountain resort located in Rila mountains, about 17 km from the town of Belitsa. The resort is surrounded by pine forest and offers good opportunities for snowsports and mountain tours in the summer. One of the local attractions here is the Park of the dancing bears. There are few hotels and other accomodations in this resort: Chalet Semkovo, Hotel Rila, hotel Bor, as well as few BB’s owned by Bulgarian univeristies (mostly for students).


Dobrinishte village is only 6 km south of Bansko is the village of Dobrinishte (final station on the narrow gauge line from the town of Septemvri). It is one of the largest villages in the country with a population of over 3000 inhabitants. There are 17 mineral springs with water temperature between 30 and 43?C, as well as a big mineral public bath. There are a number of private hotels in the village as well as a House of Tourism.


Panichishte is located in Rila mountain, near the town of Separeva Banya (also a spa resort), and not very far from the town of Dupnitsa. This is not only a ski resort, but also a sports and recreation centre for various sports. Available at the resort are the following pistes: Bekyara: length of 470 m, equipped with a tow rope with a capacity of 280 people per hour. Base located directly across from Restaurant Eleniite. Ajdena: ski slope of 400 m and tow rope with a capacity of 250 people per hour. Includes the children’s “Baby Ski Run”. Cross-Country track: located just below the Dry Lake training area. This run will soon be equipped with shooting platforms for biathlon training.


Uzana site is a real discovery. A place huddled among venerable oak forests, known as the geographic enter of Bulgaria just 22 kilometers away from the town of Gabrovo. The small and modest mark that shows the real center of the country is a real attraction for the tourists in this small paradise site. The small hotel- “Geographic center” is full of tourists all through the year. The tourists can also stay at the other 6-7 hotels scattered in the region and providing good conditions for relax among the quiet and calm atmosphere of the mountain.