To Starosel from Plovdiv – a one-day trip in ancient history

If you are in Plovdiv and have a day or a weekend to spare, you can easily make the trip to Starosel – a place that combines ancient history and modern SPA and wine complex.

Starosel is located in the municipality of Hisarya, around 60km north of Plovdiv city. The village is accessible through a well maintained country road. The first settlement of the area dates back to 6-5 millennia BCE.

The locality became famous after the archeologist d-r Georgi Kitov discovered it during excavations. On the surface were found several cult buildings, part of the so-called Thracian Cult Complex. The most prominent structures – the Chetinyova Mogila (tumulus) and the Mogila

What to see in Starosel ?

Horizont – are the biggest Thracian royal complex with mausoleum and the only preserved tomb with colonnade respectively. Even though the area is abundant in finds and another 9 unique tumulus have been found, only the 2 abovementioned are open to the public.

The archeological site is accessed after a short walk from the end of the road, where you can leave your car. The cult complex is fenced and have security. Upon entering, you can buy you ticket from the counter and then you can either go exploring on your own or wait for a guided tour.

The Chetinyova mogila

The Chetinyova mogila is very well preserved, even though it’s more than 2500 years old. Built in the 4 th century BCE, the tomb is the largest structure of such type in all Thracia. Along with the other tombs in the region, it forms a bigger necropolis complex, spread around the hills of Sredna Gora.

The sacred place was most probably built to serve a Thracian ruler from the Kotis clan. It is comprised of a massive surrounding wall of big stone blocks, a parade staircase, a corridor and cult inner space.

The whole tomb is decorated with different types of ornaments and frescoes. During the excavations were found a lot of cult objects, jewelry, wine containers alongside a stone tub for producing and storage of wine.

Mogila Horizont

Very close to the Chetiniyova Mogila is located the Mogila Horizont. Very impressive is its preserved colonnade – over 10 columns in early Dorian style are still standing at the entrances of the sacred place.

Even though the tomb was raided in ancient times, it was most likely built to for a Thracian aristocrat. Evidence for this are the small amount of artifacts found in the site – golden and silver jewelry and other objects.
After your successful historic walk, the Starosel region can offer a deserved rest.

Located in the heart of the Thracia region, amongst the ancient lands of the wine, the Starosel SPA and Wine complex is comprised on 3 hotel buildings, a winery and a SPA with all amenities. There you can sip on the famous local raspberry wine, go for a massage and enjoy the evening in a good piano bar.