SPA destination in Bulgaria
5 Best Spa Resorts in Bulgaria!

SPA destination in Bulgaria: 5 Best Spa Resorts in Bulgaria

Nature has given the biggest treasure to Bulgaria – the magical sources of health and beauty.

The country’s geographic location, favourable climate, and diverse landscape create miraculous possibilities for human health, but the most precious gift of nature here is the natural mineral springs.

All well-known types of mineral water can be found in Bulgaria. Healing and valuable, water is the only natural element that has the ability to purify, heal, and balance the human body, all at the same time.

Bulgarian mineral springs – from the ancient Thracians up until today

Bulgaria is among the most abundant European countries in thermal water wealth and diversity.

Not so many countries today, not only in Europe but also worldwide, can compete with Bulgaria when it comes to the abundance and diversity of thermal deposits. eir number in the country is the second biggest in Europe. So far, more than 600 mineral springs have been discovered and studied here, over 80% of which have healing properties and water temperature from 20 to 101 °C.

Bulgarian mineral water varies in chemical composition, mineralization, gases, and microorganisms. Most of the mineral water issues are from a considerable depth, which guarantees it to be crystal clear.

Mineral water is well known for its ability to strengthen the human immune system. It also helps purify the body from toxins. Proper use of mineral water can have a beneficial effect when treating severe diseases.

Later, in Roman times, some of the most famous balneotherapy facilities were established here, like Hisar – the ancient Augusta, Kyustendil – Pautalia, Burgas Mineral Baths – Aqua Calide (later Thermopolis), Sapareva Banya – Germaneya, Sliven Baths – Tanzos, and Sofia – Ulpia Serdica.

SPA, healing and recreational procedures

In Bulgaria, you will find all well-known healing and recreational procedures – mud therapy, chromotherapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, massages, etc.

Local folklore and natural resources coexist here in perfect harmony with modern facilities and recreational compounds. Every spot in this small country has its own charm that can enchant the human heart.

Bulgaria holds one of the top places in the world when it comes to the diversity of herbs with great healing properties. This immense abundance of natural factors, combined with modern balneotherapy centres, provides the opportunity for all-year treatment.

The distinctive maritime climate combined with the healing mineral springs and mud baths provides perfect conditions for treatment, recovery, and relaxation all year round.

5 best SPA cities in Bulgaria

Masks and wrappings with micronized grape seeds and marc, red wine extracts, and vine leaves regenerate and strengthen the tissues. Grape oil massages soften and nourish the skin with powerful antioxidants.

1. Velingrad

Velingrad is located 120 km away from the capital Sofia and 85 km away from the cultural centre, the city of Plovdiv. It is the biggest Bulgarian balneotherapeutic resort.

In terms of the abundance and diversity of mineral water, Velingrad is at the top position in Bulgaria. About 80 springs issue here; their volume and composition provide a number of treatment options all at once.

A real miracle of nature is Kleptuza, the biggest Bulgarian karst spring that discharges 570 l of ice-cold water on the surface every second. The water then forms two lakes flowing into the Chepinska River.


2. Sandanski

Sandanski is located on the southwestern side of Pirin Mountain. Its vicinity is abundant in cultural, historical, and natural landmarks. It is believed that Spartacus of the Thracian Maedi tribe was a gladiator who became the leader of the biggest slave uprising against Rome.

The monument of Spartacus is one of the town’s symbols. e town is famous for its unique climate and mineral springs with a temperature of up to 83°C. The average annual temperature in this part of Bulgaria is 14.7 °C.

The springs in Sandanski are graded 4th class on the Carstens-Alexandrov scale. Here are 80 mineral springs along the valley of the Struma River, grouped in 13 troves.

Some of the best-known springs include the Turkish Bath, the Chrism Tap, Pariloto, and the new drilled well.

The mineral water healing properties are used for water treatment of motor, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, as well as gynaecological problems. Drinking water is recommended for gastrointestinal conditions


3. Separeva Banya

Sapareva Banya is located 75 km South-West from Sofia, at the Northside of Rila.

Here are certain attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Sapareva Banya. Here you can find the only European geyser fountain where the water temperature is 103°C. The geyser is in the central part of the town and is surrounded by a vast public garden and a restaurant bearing the same name.

The geothermal spring pushes out an 18-meter jet of mineral water every 20 seconds. Visit the geyser at night when the coloured lights at its base create a stunning effect. e recreational compound is just a few steps away.

Sapareva Banya

4. Hisarya

Hisar includes 22 springs located in a small region that have various physical and chemical characteristics and hold a temperature between 41 and 52 °С. This is unique not only in Bulgaria but also in the world.

The water is low in mineralization, containing hydro carbonate, sulphate, and sodium. It also has a high alkaline reaction and a low solidity; it is bright, colourless, and tasty.

  1. Devin

The town of Devin is located in the Western Rhodope at an altitude of 710 m. is an enchanting place is surrounded by centuries-old pine and spruce woods.

The resort has restaurants providing a great selection of local meals, small private hotels and lodgings for people seeking a healthy lifestyle.

With its numerous mineral springs and healthy climate, the town is among the top resorts on the Balkan Peninsula. Two modern spa compounds and a holiday village providing balneotherapy, mud therapy, paraffin and lye therapy, kinesitherapy and physiotherapy are available to all visitors.