Smolyan – the heart of Rhodopa’s Mountain

The Rhodopa’s Mountain is like a sea of shading dark-green hills. The mountain meets you with beautiful panoramas and crystal clear air.

For thousands of years people here have been living in harmony with nature, keeping in the deep parts of the mountain wild and untouched corners of beauty and large variety of animals and plants.

What to do in Smolyan ? Region that invites you to experience its palpable energy:

Smolyan – an amazing city, combining in itself the spirit of old traditions of Rhodope people and the life of administrative center of the region. This city is the heart of the mountain, situated 260km. south-east from Sofia, 100km. away from Plovdiv and only 11km.

There are many architectural landmarks here – houses, churches – dating from 18-19 Century and showing the way of life of native Rhodopian people. All guests of Smolyan are warmly welcomed to enjoy the beautiful nature and historical landmarks.

And everyone can experience the famous Rhodope hospitality. In our city a man is feeling great and small, strong and week, happy and thoughtful. And the emotions you sense can make you feel the pulse of the mountain

There are a number of important protected areas within the municipality, including the following 4 reserves: Soskovcheto – famous for the rich biodiversity and picturesque scenery; Êàzanite – distinguished by its unique wild nature, virgin forest, comprising fir tree.

The areas Padala and Rozhenski klabuch are protected under a less strict regime.

Natural sights

A number of natural sights contribute to the image of the municipality, which has been recognized as a region endowed with beautiful natural scenery.

Some of them are Momata, Glavata, Lyatnata gora, Chernoka,Dalboki dol, Katsinsko blato, the famous Smolyanski ezera and Smolyanski Waterfall, the rock massifs – Neviastata, Tourlata, Orfeevite Skali.

Caves and historical heritage

The region is famous for its numerous caves along the upper course of Arda River – Uhlovitsa, Nadarska, Golubovitsa, Garvanyovitsa, the passage cave Kaleto, Lednitsata.

The caves and their neighbouring areas are suitable for practising extreme sports, such as rock climbing, mountain biking and exploring deserted caves. Local tourist associations and organizations provide the necessary outfit, equipment and well qualified guides.

Smolyan has a rich cultural and historical heritage, represented by Smolyan History Museum, where a constant exhibition is displayed under the following sections: Pre-history, Middle Ages, Arts and Crafts, Traditional Costumes, Ritual Requisites, as well as Tradition and Contemporary Trends.

In Momchilovtsi there are a historical museum collection and an art gallery, whereas in Shiroka laka there is an ethnographic collection.

Arts and crafts

The traditional arts and crafts have also been preserved. In the former Centre of Coppersmiths in Oustovo residential district the coppersmith’s tradition is still alive.

Weaving by hand-weaving looms is typical for Shiroka laka, Mogilitsa, Ezerovo residential district, the city of Smolyan. Wood carving – for Momchilovtsi and Boukata, making of small kegs and casks – for Mogilitsa. The unique traditions are observed also by the graduates of the High School of Applied Arts, Smolyan.