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Sea side

The Bulgarian Black Sea shoreline has several attractions and activities. Its 378 kilometres of coastline contains over 230 beaches, bays, estuaries with lush woods, and a magnificent mountain-sea environment. Many cities and resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have ancient monuments. UNESCO recognizes Nessebar, an ancient city. Here are the nicest beaches to visit from north to south.

Veleka beach
Photo by Emiliyan Nikolov

Selected beaches on the NORTH

The northern Black Sea coast runs from Cape Emine, where the Balkan mountains meet the sea, to Cape Sivriburun, on the Romanian border. In this location, golden beaches, rocky coasts with caves, lengthy woods, and coastal lakes alternate to create stunning panoramas.

Bolata beach from bird's eye view

Bolata beach

Small but gorgeous Bolata beach. It is serene, hidden among high mountains and caverns, a heaven.

Kara Dere beach

Kara beach

The area is wild and gorgeous. The beach is primarily visited by young people who prefer to stay in tents.

Kamchiski beach

Kamchiski beach

It is part of the longest sandy strip of the Bulgarian coast. The sand dunes are preserved and unique.

Durankulak Beach

Durankulak beach

Is the northernmost on Bulgaria’s coast and one of the wildest. Appropriate for camping tourism.

The beach of Pasha Dere in the Black Coast

Pasha Dere beach

Is one of the most stunning placed due to its untamed nature, clean beaches, and lack of urbanization.

Yailata beach

Yailata beach

Many of the sheer cliffs’ 40 caverns are visible from the sea, although few can be reached by land.

Selected beaches on the SOUTH

The southern Black Sea coast runs from Cape Emine to Rezovo on the Turkish border. Most of the coast’s most attractive and popular beaches are here. Luxury complexes, reserves, natural features, and campgrounds abound. Nessebar, Pomorie, and Sozopol are coastal architectural treasures. Follow this link for city information.

Arkutino beach

Arkutino beach

It is a gorgeous beach. Marsh-lagoon and protected natural area, wild and large.

Lipite beach

Lipite beach

Few tourist beaches are as remote as this one. Beautiful hills and forests surround it.

Irakli Beach

Irakli beach

This breathtaking spot is a perfect blend of natural beauty and beachfront living.

Veleka beach

Veleka beach

Located in a remote area, near the entrance of the Veleka River, but it is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Varvara beach

Varvara beach

The beach has a short beach strip, yet it is extremely pleasant and peaceful.

The beach of Silistar

Silistar beach

The southernmost Bulgarian beach is 1 km long and 70 meters wide. Аmong Bulgaria’s most gorgeous.


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