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Untouched areas along the Black Sea

Short introduction

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast offers a variety of places, experiences and leisure. It has 378 km of coastline and includes more than 230 beaches, many bays, picturesque estuaries with beautiful forests and a wonderful combination of mountain climate and sea. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has been inhabited since ancient times and today in many of the cities and resorts valuable historical monuments can be seen. Among them is the ancient city of Nessebar, a cultural monument under the auspices of UNESCO. Below one can see the best beaches that one can visit separated by their location: from north to south.

The north coast

The northern coast of the Black Sea covers the coast from where the Balkan mountains meet the sea at Cape Emine, to Cape Sivriburun to the north on the border with Romania. The beauty of this region is breathtaking and multifaceted – golden beaches, rocky coasts with caves, long forests and coastal lakes alternate and paint beautiful landscapes.


Kara Dere


Pasha Dere

The south coast

The southern coast of the Black Sea covers the southern coast from Cape Emine to the town of Rezovo on the border with Turkey. Many of the most beautiful beaches on the coast are in this part and they are also the most popular. It has many luxury complexes, reserves, natural landmarks and campsites. Here are some of the most outstanding architectural reserves on the coast such as; Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol. If you want to know more about the cities follow this link.








Views from the air of most of the beaches mentioned above

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