Bulgaria is a country famous for its natural beauties. Its varied terrain, high mountains, its seaside and its four great seasons are very good preconditions for practicing of various types of extreme sports.

Best place for Rafting in Bulgaria


One of the most popular extreme sports is rafting. The main areas in Bulgaria where it is practiced are the Iskar and Kresna Gorge.

Both rafting destinations are suitable for both advanced sport players and for beginners, who try to overcome the high water rapids of the Bulgarian rivers for the first time.

The country has many clubs that organize rafting adventures, which can also be combined with cultural, ecological or other type of tourism.

Traditionally the best time for rafting is the spring season and early summer when rivers are the deepest, but rafting can also be practiced during the rest of the year.

Rafting on Struma river

The kayaks we offer are resistant inflatable boats suitable for people without experience in such an adventure.

Those, who are advanced in this sport can benefit from individual programs. Other destinations for Rafting tours are the Arda river and Yantra River.

Rafting on the Iskar river


In Bulgaria there are two popular places for rafting: Kresna Gorge on the Struma River, which is near Blagoevgrad and the gorge on the Iskar River, which is close to Sofia.

If you have not yet tried rafting, then rafting in the Iskar Gorge, near Sofia, is a good opportunity to experience the thrill of this adventure, pleasant and safe.

The rapids of the river are suitable for everyone. The program combines adrenaline moments with a relaxing trip and it is a good test for those who want in the future to take part in a more complicated rafting adventure like rafting on the Struma River in the areа of Kresna.

The rafting on the Iskar includes also practical exercises in swimming and boating in streaming water. In certain parts of the route, everyone from the crew can stand in the place of the captain.

Kayaking in Bulgaria

Some people love to glide down glassy waves with the kayak, others enjoy the scenic beauty and knowledge that they can travel to places impossible to reach otherwise. Some choose lake paddling or ocean touring.

Kayaking is a sport that you can do with family and can take you to the most beautiful places in Bulgaria.

Experience the connection with nature on a kayak.

Kayaking near to Sofia

The difference between rafting and kayaking is like the difference between a bus and a motorbike.

In kayaking you control the boat and you choose how to overcome obstacles in the water. Our instructor is in a separate boat next to you. The kayaks we offer are resistant inflatable boats suitable for people without experience in such an adventure.

The Iskar Gorge:

Kayaking down the the eponymous gorge of the River Iskar is suitable for more emotional adventures and can be done in late spring, summer and autumn.

Suitable kayaking spots in the Iskar gorge are:

  • Tserovo – Lakatnik: this is the most adrenaline rush route, which is also suitable for rafting.
  • Opletnya – Eliseyna: This route is medium difficulty and can be extended to the area of ​​Zverino.
  • Cherepish Monastery – Lyuty Brod: Very beautiful river ride with medium difficulty passing under the Cherepish Rocks and along the Cherepish Monastery.