Prohodna – one of the most famous and the most easily accessible caves in Bulgaria, located 2 km from the village called Karlukovo and 112 km from Sofia. The cave is a natural rock bridge with length of 262m and it has two entrances – big and small. At the entrance of small height is of about 35m and the trail starts passing through the cave to the big entrance, where you can see the highest in Bulgaria cave vault, reaching 45 m. Natural lighting provides huge inputs in the entrance and through holes in the rock arch called “Window”. It is these “windows” that make the cave one of a kind and a great turist attraction. Located near to each-other – almond-shaped, they are surprisingly reminiscent of huge eyes, as if they are gazing at visitors.

No wonder the locals call them “God’s eyes,” and sometimes the “devil eyes”. If you look at them from a certain angle, imagination will create a person’s face, looking down, and in rainy weather they are beginning to trickle “tears.

This amazing phenomenon of nature brings some excitement: a delightful symmetry in the arrangement of “windows” as mysterious and a little scary however even more overwhelming.

In 1962 the cave was given the status of a natural landmark.

Know Before You Go

There is a parking lot near the Small Entrance, and a path from the nearby Peter Tranteev National Speleological Society leads to the Big Entrance.