Pazardzhik is a city situated along the banks of the Maritsa river, Southern Bulgaria. It is the capital of Pazardzhik Province and centre for the homonymous Pazardzhik Municipality.

 Brief History of Pazardzhik

In the 1880s the population of Pazardzhik numbered about 15,000 inhabitants and since then it started growing decade by decade, mostly because of the migrants, wider growing in the period from 1985 to 1992 until to 80,000 habitan.

During the 1990s that led to a new migration in the direction of the country capital Sofia and abroad. As of February 2011, the city has a population of 71,979 inhabitants, while the Pazardzhik Municipality of 114,817 inhabitants.

City Centre of Pazardzhik


Walking around the city center it’s possible to remain in the central square, called by volunteers “the cake” (ТОРТАТА), for its typical form. A big fountain in the middle within water games that divides this area in more parts: in front of there is the Clock Tower, main simbol of the city, where begins the pedestrian area.

Along these historical and characteristics streets of the city centre it is can drink something or to stay sit in one of many bars, pubs and restaurants such as Bulgarian tradition.

The city center it is perfect for shopping and for going to dance during the nights’ weekend. There are a lot of green areas and natural sities inside city center protected and lovely conserved by citizens for their sons and many children.

Things to do in Pazardzhik


Pazardzhik is a city in the Southern of Bulgaria and it is the capital of Pazardzhik Province, few far to Plovdiv (second city of the country) and it is distanced only two hours from Sofia, the bulgarian Capital.

The town impresses our volunteers, foreign visitors and tourists thanks to beatiful houses, bigs green areas and lovely pedestrian zones in the city centre.

Theatre and Museums in Pazardzhik

The central square entertains the Theatre Konstantin Velichkov of the City where is possible to assist to free shows and performance of Bulgarian dancing and singing folk. The Theatre was born in 1870 thank to the first show “Mnogo Stradalna Genoveva” by “Videlina”.

Since 2000 the teatral administration staff has began many important partnerships with international brand of the culture as Puppet Theatre of Sofia, “Ankara State Theatre” and “State Theatre Antalya” from Turkey”, “Shtip Theatre” from Macedonia and “Epidauro Theatre” and the “Museum Theatre Institute” of Aten from Greece. Every summer it can see a lot of free bulgarian tradiction shows about songs and dances.

On the right of the central square there is the Pazardjik History Museum opened daily to tourists and visitors from Monday to Friday. The museum divides the streets of the city center and it is behind to Palace of Municipality.

The House-Musuem of Stanislaw Dospevski is the one and only musuem in Bulgaria dedicated to painter of the Bulgarian Renaissance period. The house was made by Architect Bratsigovo on 1864. Now all rooms of the Dospevski’s house are opened to turists and visitors because it is possible to ammire the most important pictures of the Bulgarian painter.

Orthodox Churches

Such as Bulgaria and Balkan area, Pazardzhik is full of Orthodox churches. The most famous church of the city is the Church of Theotokos. It is located near to Maritza River and it is the main religious place of Pazardjik and for its local Orthodox community.

The important church preserves most impressive icons in Bulgaria by master artists of the Debar School, wood-carvings of New and Old Testament scenes, and icons by Stanislav Dospevski. Among the many churches of Pazardzhik, the St. George’s Church, near to Church of Theotokos, is amazing for its white colour.

“Park Island „

South of Pazardjik there is the biggest green area of the city: Park Island. It is an amazing area for free-time where it can run between the park’s gardens. Park Island is located up the natural island made by the Maritza River that crosses the park. Around this area there are a lot of pubs and bar that ran long the river.

This area is most popular for the international volunteers and the citizens of the city that can relaxing with their parents and sons. Inside the park are situated a big arena with athletic tracks, football and basket field within terraces for people.

There are a very interesting zoo, with its special guest: Sasha – a tiger from Asia that is living inside the green area – and the Dinosaur Ridge for children. Many gardens with their floors and plants divided the pedestrian area from cycling zone and during the spring or summer seasons the park offers concerts, where was organised the first Plus Festival and its musical and dancing shows.

Culture and Food

The traditional Bulgarian kitchen offer almost only tipical places to eat. Most popular in Pazardjik is the Banitsa, a traditional Bulgarian place prepared layering by mixture of wisked eggs and “Sirene” (cheese) inside. It is served without “sirene” also, for breakfast or lunch-time with plain yogurt.

For drinking is served the Rakija: a strong distilled alcoholic beverage most popular in Bulgaria and everywhere in the Balcan Area. It is made from different kind of fruit and it is not only for drinking but it is also used for healthy when the people have high tempature