Nessebar resort in Bulgaria: Travel guide

Nessebar is located 36 km northeast of Burgas. It is in close proximity to Sunny Beach resort. Nessebar consists of an old town and a new part. The ancient town is situated on a romantic rocky peninsula, connected to the mainland via a narrow isthmus. The new part of Nesebar offers various accommodation opportunities – hotels, guest house. The old town features a romantic atmosphere: narrow cobblestone lanes, tiny squares, two-storeyed houses with stone-built ground levels and wooden upper floors jutting above the streets and external staircases. Nesebar offers two beaches in the new part of the town and a small beach in the Old part. The beaches of Sunny Beach resort are only 2 km far from Nessebar.

The ancient town of Nessebar is situated on a romantic rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. The peninsula is 850 metres long and 300 metres wide. The town has a century-old history and it has preserved architectural monuments from all periods in its thousand year old existence. There are the remains of the Roman and Medieval walls, the Byzantine and Bulgarian churches and the old houses from 18th and 19th cc.


The town is proud of its churches. The church of St. Sofia, known as the Old Metropolitan church, and the church of Virgin Eleusa, situated on the northern shore, are three-isled basilicas dating back to the early Byzantine period from 5th to 6th cc. The church of St. John the Baptist from 11th c is distinguished for its cylinder dome and St. Stephen’s church is remarkable for its frescoes from 16th c.

Nessebar is the cultural treasury of Bulgaria. In 1956 it was declared “a museum-town, an archaeological and architectural reserve”. Because of its unique historic colour it was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Monument in 1983.

Today the old part of Nessebar is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets, among the small shops selling handmade souveniers, knitting and crochets, jewellery. The town with its splendid antique atmosphere gives an opportunity for recreation and leisure. There are many comfortable guest houses and private rooms.