Madzharovo is kingdom of Griffon and Egyptian vultures


Two small supermarkets and restaurants are available, both have an English menu which is very helpful. Other facilities are not available, so before entering Madzharovo be sure that you have enough cash money. Madzharovo is located in a valley of a beautiful region surrounded by mountains.

Vultures are flying over every day and after five minutes walking you are very near the Arda river where you can stay for a fresh dive, a picnic, a kayak tour, watching birds or just for a nice hike!

The Vulture centre of BSPB is located in front of the bridge that crosses the Arda river, you can go here for a drink and dinner as well. They also have an interesting exhibition about the Vultures and other birds of prey in the area.

What do to in Madzharovo

Madzharovo is no city neither a village, just something in between. Around 500 people are living in Madzharovo but the abandoned shops and the almost empty flats from the socialism period state that this was certainly a city. Madzharovo is a village like other villages in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Tarpan horses

Near to Madzharovo, in the abandoned village of Sbor, you can find a wild herd of Tarpan horses. They live here together with Wolves and a lot of other different kind of wild animals.

They have adapted themselves in a way that they can survive Wolf attacks and maintain their herd. It is a socla herd, which includes an alpha male, alpha female and more. Very interesting to see in a beautiful area.

Together with a guide you will go here to spot the herd and recognize the social structure of it. The guide can also provide you with a lot of different kind of information as well. About the wild flowers, Wolves or reptiles for example.

Mineral tour

The village of Madzharovo has a big mining history and is known for its interesting soil and minerals that are within it. In 1987 the young family of the guides has found their second home in Madzharovo. T

hey both graduated at Sofia University, the man is a geologist and the woman a geomorphologist. Therefore they definitely know what they are talking about. Together they have made a collection of minerals which they found in this region and some are for sale as well.

Also there are possibilities to organize an adventure ecological tour in the region of Madzharovo to visit attractive deposits of valuable minerals with a guide-geologist and forest picnic. Also special expeditions for geologists and collectors are possible.

Bird watching

The region of Madzharovo in the Eastern Rhodopes is known for the high amount of bird species that can be seen here.

One of the ultimate places for birdwatchers with species such as Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Imperial Eagle and even the Black Vulture can be spotted here! Together with a well experienced guide who knows very much about birds you can go out in the field and try to spot these birds. This can be during a walk in the morning near to the centre but also on other places for the entire day. In collaboration with the guide it can be adapted to your own wishes.


If you have never seen Vultures before and you still have the wish to see them once, you definitely have to go to Madzharovo region.

With a certainty of 100% you will see the Griffon Vultures flying, maybe even the Egyptian Vulture and with some luck the Black Vulture. It is great to see them flying high in the sky above you, but even more special is to see them at eye level.

Vulture centre / accommodation

The accommodation is located above the visitors centre of the Bulgarian Society for Bird Protection. It is just outside of Madzharovo and has a nice surrounding. You can walk out of the accommodation and immediately spot some Vultures!

Also a lot of other birds can be found in this region. There is a small restaurant with nice benches and tables outside. Here you can sit outside while having a feeling like you are within a forest and enjoy the calming sound of the river Arda on the background.

Because the accommodation is located above the visitors centre of the Bulgarian Society for Bird Protection this place is very popular among birdwatchers and you can see an exhibition here about the birds in the region.