The Grandmother Marta

The legend tells that “Grandma Marta” is a woman with an irregular behavior, you can see her happy, sad or angry. Very similar to its behavior is the month of March in Bulgaria.Then, with the beginning of spring, any Bulgarian in the world puts on the “Martenitsa”.

Now you wonder what Martenitsa is? It is a special amulet made of white and red twisted yarn and is mainly used wool or cotton to make it. Why only white and red? The color red symbolizes health and abundance and white is purity and long life. For many years now these tangled threads represent two fiancés; Pijo and Penda.

Nowadays, it is not only the shapes of the two lovers, but there are bracelets, necklaces, rings and any other artistic things  that you can imagine. The “martenitsa” protects against diseases and bad luck. Friends and relatives give each other “martenitsas” for health and luck during the year. According to the tradition the martenitsa is carried until you see a stork or a tree that flowers. When this happens you have to separate from your martenitsa and hang it from a tree that has already flowered!