Starters or firsts

A menu full of soups and salads

The main courses or starters the main actors are salads and soups. Depending on the time of the year, one or the other is prepared. Seasonality of the ingredients and products used should also be considered.

"Shkembe" Soap

"Shopska" Salad

Eggs "Panagiurski"

"Tarator" Soap

Main dishes

Variety of tasty dishes with and without meat

In the main dishes there is a lot of stew and grill. Many of the dishes carry some kind of animal product, but there is also a great variety for plant lovers. The menu is extensive and so be brave and try everything you can.



Stuffed red pepper



Commonly seen dishes

Sweets or desserts in general are also seen in other parts of Europe or Asia. You can see a lot of Rice with milk and Cheesecake among others. Still, here are two proposals that are not bad at all and are very related to Bulgarian cuisine.

Cured Yogurt



Some more special foods

Bulgarian cuisine also has some more specific and more homemade dishes. Many of them will not be able to see or order them in a restaurant, but with a little more searching you can find a place or someone who can prepare some of the mentioned dishes.





Coming soon

We are working on creating more detailed content about Bulgarian cuisine. It will be available very soon with the next one with the following sections

Written recipies

Each dish will have its description with the ingredients it carries, when it is usually cooked and its elaboration process.

Video recipies

To make it easier for those who want to cook at home we will create videos with which it will be even easier to prepare a Bulgarian dish.

Gastronomic Map

As in any other country, in Bulgaria there are regions that have their most typical dishes. This map will help you find the place of each dish.

Gastro Events

Throughout the year there are very interesting food fairs around the country. The following are some of the most important. There are many and so take advantage and if you are in Bulgaria at this time, don’t think it twice.

Festival of the fat and
la Rakia

Festival of the
"Smilyanski" bean

Fish and mussel

Cherry Festival
in Kyustendil

Bread Festival

The day of the watermelon

Yogur Festival

The Pumpkin Festival