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Explore Sozopol

Sozopol, along with Nessebar, is one of Bulgaria’s oldest towns, around 2500 years old. Situated on the Black Sea coast, the city is divided into two parts – the Old Town and the New Town. Sozopol is worth visiting, as its atmosphere stands out from other towns on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

The picturesque Old Town stretches across one of Sozopol’s peninsulas with cobbled streets and a charming, easy-going vibe. You’ll find quaint shops, cafes, and typical town houses in the typical Black Sea Revivalist style.

City of Sozopol from the air

Popular SIGHTS

Sozopol is a fairly small seaside town, but it’s packed with history and cultural sites. Visit one of the many medieval churches or monasteries, walk under the ancient coastal fortress walls, or visit one of the cultural museums. 

The mediaval wall of the old town in Sozopol

Sozopol Old Town

Romantic and bohemian, Sozopol’s Old Town is the most distinguished and visited part of the city.

Archaeological Museum

An intricate museum for you to dig into the historic culture and heritage of this ancient town.

One of the most popular camping and party spots on the Bulgarian seaside - Gradina Beach.

Gradina Beach

One of the most visited beaches in the region, it’s filled with hip restaurants, bars and clubs.

Useful TIPS

You’ll quickly discover that Sozopol is quite an orderly town and it’s easy to find your way around. Either way, we still wanted to give you some tips to ensure that your trip and experience in Sozopol is a breeze. 

Getting Around

  • Getting to Sozopol is quite easy and fast. It’s a one-hour ride from Burgas and you can check the bus schedule here
  • While in Sozopol, we recommend exploring the city on foot.  The Old Town is a pedestrian zone and the rest of the city is easily walkable.

What to Eat 

  • In the past, Sozopol was an avid fishing town, so restaurants take pride in their seafood dishes to this day.
  • Bulgarian seaside towns offer the opportunity to try many of our fish and seafood dishes, like fried sprats, sea bass, red mullet fish and mussels. 

Best Times to Visit

  • We recommend visiting Sozopol during the summer months. 
  • If you visit in late August or early September, you will catch the city’s oldest music festival – Apollonia. 
  • The best seaside weather is typically during August. 

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