Sea, sand, waves and unforgettable summer days. The beautiful city of Sozopol, located on the southern coast of the Black Sea, is located near the city of Burgas and 400 km east of Sofia. The city, together with the city of Nesebar, is one of the oldest in Bulgaria with a history of more than 2500 years. It was rebuilt in the year 610 a.C. by tribes from Asia. The city has considerable growth in terms of tourists and administrative projects.

Located in a picturesque peninsula, the city is one of the most romantic in Bulgaria and the old town was declared an architectural and historical reserve in 1974. In 2015, destination Sozopol is ranked number 2 in the ranking of the World Tourism Council thanks to its archaeological complex (fortress and tower of S. V -VI). The city of Sozopol enters the borders of Bulgaria in 812 when the armies of Khan Krum conquer it. Since the Middle Ages, the city can see the remains of the monastery complex located on the island of Saint Ivan (the largest Bulgarian island of the Black Sea) from the X-XVII century, as well as the basilica in the centre of the old town.

An interesting fact is that the relics of San Juan Bautista were found on the island. The valuable find is preserved in the temple of “St. Kiril and Methodius in the city and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.


It is located 35 km from Burgas

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In the city you can stay in hotels for all tastes. We recommend that you do it in some of the seventeenth and eighteenth century houses. The history of the city and the unique architecture of Sozopol make the old town a favorite place to enjoy a lunch or dinner, with seafood or typical Bulgarian dishes, very pleasant. The practice of water sports is also very popular. Scuba diving, windfurfing, sailing and water skiing are some of the favorites. We have good news for beach lovers. Tourist attractions include the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery, as well as several churches, one of which is under the auspices of UNESCO (the Virgin Mary of the XV century). The annual event at the end of summer: “Apolonia” is a festival in which you can enjoy various theatrical productions, film screenings, open-air concerts, etc.

In the vicinity of the city you will find some of the most beautiful and famous beaches and camping sites on the seashore. Smokinia, Kavatsi and Gradina are some of the most prominent places on the Bulgarian coast. A beautiful and unique castle is located near the town of Sozopol, the Ravadinovo Castle. Zoo, chapel, a park, water park, and a lake with swans are just part of the things you will find if you visit this castle.