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Explore Nessebar

One of the most ancient cities in Europe is Nessebar at more than 3,000 years since its earliest signs of settlement. The town of Nessebar, previously known as Mesembria and Menebria, has been a desired seaside trading hub for many historical powers – Thracians, Greeks and Romans. 

Modern-day Nessebar is divided into and old, ancient part and a new, contemporary region. To this day, the city attracts visitors from around the world with its notable antiquity, coastal serenity and variety of cultural events. 

Nessebar old town. Urban Tourism

Popular SIGHTS

Walking through Nessebar is like being immersed in an antique outdoor museum. The ancient city greets you with its charming atmosphere and abundance of preserved churches, fortresses, ruins and artifacts that date back more than 3,000 years. 

Picture depicting the building of the archeologic museum in Nessebar, as well as the garden outside with ancient ruins on display.

Archaeological Museum

Learn about the empires and tribes that occupied Nessebar through ancient remains and artifacts. 

Pictured is the ancient Church of Christ Pantocrator with rounded ornaments, a bell tower and a flowering garden in front.

Old Town

Witness Greek, Roman, and Byzantine influences at Nessebar’s many preserved cultural monuments. 

Pictured are the ancient walls of the Mesembria fortress in the Old Town of Nessebar, Bulgaria.

Mesembria Fortress

Take a stroll through ancient history in Nessebar at this fortress dating back to the 5th century BC.

Useful TIPS

Nessebar’s history and significance makes the city one of Bulgarians’ most prized locations. You’ll quickly find that locals can’t wait to share myths, legends and traditions of the past and welcome you into the city’s astonishing coastal atmosphere.

Getting Around

  • Nessebar is a quick 30 minute drive from Burgas. Buses are also frequent and convenient  – check the schedule here
  • In Nessebar, you’ll be able to best explore the city by walking.  There’s also public transport buses, if you prefer a quicker way around town. 

What to Eat 

  • Sample some of Nessebar’s local honey – a local pride.
  • Bulgarian seaside towns are excellent spots to try many of our fish dishes, like fried sprats, sea bass and mussels. 
  • A Nessebar specialty is kefal plakia – a stewing panful of seasonal veggies and mullet fish. 

Best Times to Visit

  • We recommend visiting Nessebar during the summer months. 
  • Nessebar’s cultural program is filled with events, concerts, interactive museum days and theatre performances. 
  • The best seaside weather is typically during August. 

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With such a rich and varied ethnographic history, Nessebar holds enticing stories and locations waiting to be discovered. Learn more about the great significance of this charming seaside town so you can fully take in its marvellous antiquity.

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