The beautiful city of Nessebar is situated on the Black Sea coast near the town of Bourgas. The city is one of the most ancient in our land. It is reported that it was inhabited more than three thousand years ago. Nessebar is divided into an old and new part through a beautiful and narrow isthmus, on both sides of which there are pedestrian alleys for fairy strolls and wonderful black sea views.

The new part of Nessebar is one of the most popular and developed seaside resorts in the country, attracting many tourists from all over the world. The town, or more precisely the Old Nessebar, became the subject of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO in 1983, with the flow of tourists wishing to touch this unique cultural and historical heritage increasing more and more. 

The Old Town is situated on a beautiful peninsula with many natural landmarks and cultural monuments with centuries-old history. On the territory of this small peninsula (850m x 350m long) over the centuries there are data on the existence of more than 40 churches from the period 5th-19th centuries, nowadays they are 23. Some of them are very well preserved, such as St. Spas and St. Stephen and have been converted into museums. Early Byzantine and Bulgarian churches from different ages are part of the sights you need to explore. At the beginning of the Old Town is the Archaeological Museum, where you can see finds from excavations.

Since the Renaissance (XVIII century) there have been over 60 beautiful houses, attracting tourists with their unique atmosphere, and one of the houses is the Ethnographic Museum, where you will learn about the life and culture of the locals.

The remains of an ancient fortress wall from 5th to 4th century BC, the windmill emblematic of the city, cobbled streets, squares and fountains will leave a lasting memory of your visit to Nessebar. In this beautiful Black Sea resort there is everything you need for a perfect break. As in the old part, as well as in the new one you can find hotels, taverns and restaurants with traditional Bulgarian cuisine, places for entertainment, souvenir shops, various attractions and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Nearby is the largest resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, famous for its entertainment, luxurious complexes and hotels, clubs and discos. If you like the endless parties – that’s the place. Something like Spanish Ibiza but in Bulgarian version. If you do not have fun in Nessebar and Sunny Beach, only 36km. south of them you will find the big regional town of Burgas – an attractive destination offering various opportunities for practicing different types of tourism. And do not forget to mention that Burgas has an airport and if you decide you can land directly there.

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Audio guide for Nessebar


Audio Guide Bulgaria has a tour of the most emblematic places in the city of Nessebar. If you want to go at your own pace and want to know more about the history of the city, this option is not bad.


Cape Emine

Cape Emine is the easternmost point of the Balkan Mountain and is considered a conditional boundary between the Northern and Southern Black Sea coast. The cape is a vertical, almost 60 meter high cliff.


If the sea is not enough, you can hit the slides here. There are slides to suit all levels of daring. Prices are around 40 lv for adult and 20 for children.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is synonymous for summer beach parties It is just a few miles away from Nessebar and during the Solar Summer Festival famous electronic and house DJs play at Cacao Beach Bar.