The smallest town in Bulgaria has a modest 380 inhabitants. Thinking about some residential blocks there are more people than Melnik. The city is located 176 km. from Sofia in Southwestern Pirin near our southern neighbour Greece. The climate, almost Mediterranean, is extremely favorable for wine making and tourism. Melnik will fascinate you with its small streets, stone roads, old houses, restaurants with delicious local cuisine and, of course, the famous Melnik wine. It was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s favoyrite wines. A little known fact is that he ordered 500l. of this elixir per year. A unique Bulgarian and world variety “Shiroka Melnishka Vera” is grown in the town and its surroundings. The Melnik wine has a specific flavour and aroma that distinguishes itself from other wines made in Bulgaria. But leave the wine aside.

Apart from this, this little town has its centuries-old history and landmarks – a town’s historic museum, wine museum, remnants of medieval churches, many houses of which the Byzantine house, Pashova’s house and many others. The Kordopulova House is one of the emblematic of the city – the largest preserved from the 19th century in Bulgaria, welcoming nearly 30 thousand tourists per year. Currently it is a private museum and wine cellar. 


Distance from Sofia: 141 km

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Rent a car or use a bus.

Close to Melnik are the wonderful and unique sand cliffs – the Melnik pyramids, the medieval Bulgarian manastir – Rozhen Monastery and the picturesque nature of the Pirin Mountains. Lovers of fine wine can diagnose Melnik’s potion in the many cellars scattered around the area. Only 12 km is one of the pearls of SPA tourism in our country – Sandanski, as well as a mysterious and energetic place Rupite.

When visiting Melnik, do not forget to taste some of their local specialties offered in authentic pubs – paprika soup and chicken (prepared with lots of eggs), as well as delicious pancake milk and tender banitsa. It is advisable to combine good food with good wine. Enjoy!

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