Bulgaria - a wine’s heaven

Bulgarian wine is highly popular not only among locals but also foreign visitors.

Despite its small territory, Bulgaria is popular for its high quality wine which has been awarded and recognized world-wide.

Bulgarian wine and the rich Bulgarian land

The county’s climate has all the benefits required for the cultivation of a variety of grape plants which are later used for the production of wine.

The Upper Thracian Plain, situated alongside the territory of 6 different districts is one of the oldest winemaking regions.

With historical evidence of activity from about 7000 years ago, this region is still a well-known winemaking region in Bulgaria. 

Thracian history

Thracians are considered a well known winemaking tribe. They had traditions for making and keeping in high honour the wine as a holy beverage which, they believed, helped the priests connect with the gods.

Thracians honoured wine during the annual events of the Dionisya – a series of festivities in honour of Dionisius, the god of wine and pleasure.

After the Christianization of Bulgaria these practices died out, but a new event emerged – a wine event called Trifon Zarezan is celebrated every February 14th.

The Thracian winemaking traditions were continued in the years and are still used today for producing all kinds of wine beverages, with technologies from the 21st century.

The production and the quality has truly blossomed.

Why Bulgarian wine is one of the best of its kind?

Why Bulgarian wine is one of the best of its kind

The unique climate conditions are the reason why in Bulgaria there are so many varieties of grape plants.

The mixture of lowlands, hills and the sea influence have a positive effect on the summer climate, making it softer and not burning hot. There is enough moisture and sunlight during the summer season which helps the ripening process to keep some of the sourness of the grape.

In Bulgaria there are a couple of winemaking regions which have different climates with a tendency of softer seasons. Those regions are Danubian Plain, Rose Valley, Upper Thracian Plain, Black Sea and the Struma river.

The soils in each region vary greatly but are all very fertile and good for the grape plant cultivation.

Bulgarian wine – from the beginning to now

There is no doubt that as each longtime process the winemaking in Bulgaria has gone through a lot of ups and downs.  It is considered that theTharacians were the first winemakers. Leaning onto the old traditions, the next generations manage to keep the winemaking at a high level.

A significant burden was placed over the winemaking producers during the Soviet Era, when all production was handled by a single manufacturer – Vinprom. Winemaking was nationalized and every private winery was illegal and closed. After the fall of Communism the private winemaking business started the long and hard process of recovery which is finally yielding some fruit, pun intended :). According to WineEnthusiast, Bulgaria now is placed second in the TOP 10 Wine destinations chart.

Wine varieties

Wine varieties in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there are more than 200 different grape plant varieties. More than 50% of them are red grape vines. The other 50% are comprised of white and dessert wine varieties.

Pamid, Merlo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Melnik, Gamza are one of the most popular varieties for red wine. Among the white winemaking varieties are Rkaciteli, Dimiat, Red Misket, Muscat Otonel and Chardonnay. 

Local varieties

The most popular local white wine varieties are Dimiat, Vrachanski misket, Red misket, Keracuda, Varna misket, Orphey, Gergana, Sungurlarski misket, Biser. Red wine varieties are Mavrud, Pamid, Gamza, Ruen, Melnik, Shefka, Rubin, Thrakiyska slava, Buket, Evtimolia.

Those varieties are popular and used for high quality winemaking. During the process, producers often tend to mix varientied to create a unique flavour.

Which wines are worth trying?

Each Bulgarian wine should be tried for sure! The huge variety of wines on the market offers both traditional and new flavours. 

Among the white wine varieties the Muskat ones are the most popular. The dry and sweet wines produced from white, red and pink grape plants are wines in dessert style.They have a distinguished aroma.

Among red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the most popular. Their taste is mildly sour with sweet undertones. An interesting fact is that for the production of one wine type two types of grape plant are used. 

Here in Bulgaria you can choose from a large spectrum of high quality wines with premium taste. Visit us, enjoy our company and make Bulgaria your top wine destination!