The formation of the Belogradchik rocks started during the Permian period, about 230 million years ago, when the tectonic cycle initiated the elevation of the region of Belogradchik.

History of Belogradchik Fortress

The Belogradchik fortress is located on a strategic spot between the Balkan passages of “St. Nikola” and “Kadaboaz”. It was established in I-III century AD as a small hideout.

The architect had skillfully used the inaccessibility of the ellipsoid rock terrace “First Slab” and had organized a facility with defense, observational, security and communication functions.

Archeological excavations have revealed wall foundations, ceramic fragments, iron gads of spears and arrows, coins of the Roman emperors Vespasian. Trajan, Septimius Sever, Gordian III, Decius Trajan.

There are visible joist beds with rectangular section of light constructions and furrows leading the atmosphere waters to an 85 cubic m reservoir.

What is the structure of Belogradchik rocks ?

As time passed, the layered materials were firmly glued together by silicic or sand-clay solder. The hot and dry climate at the time caused the formation of large quantities of haematitic pigment, which gives the rocks their rusty color.

Many fantastic rock figures, small valleys and passages with steep vertical slopes have formed for millions of years as a result of the processes of vertical erosion, denudation, freezing, growth of mosses and lichens, and other natural factors.

The rocks are divided in several main parts according to their location. The red rock-chain begins with the independent group “A Hundred Sheep” near the village of Belotintsi.

At the foot of the Venetsa region the red leastone is furrowed by deep gorges and canyons, covered with oak and hornbeam trees. The Bea Rock rises up to the west of the village of Falkovets, with the Eagle Rock near it.

What is Legend of the Belogradchik Rocks ?


Many years ago, there lived a very old father with his son Dobromar. Under the sky of their vast estate, grow thick oak-tree forests tilled with bird songs, crystal-clear springs, meadows covered with carpets of colorful and fragrant flowers.

Among this greenery raised inaccessible and beautiful rocks, with strange forms that puzzled the human imagination.

While still alive the father often spoke of a great treasure hidden somewhere. After his father’s death, the son frequently roamed these natural beauties looking for the buried treasure. He looked everywhere – in cavities, in caves, in consecrated grounds, but he could not find anything.

One day at sunset he found a cave with its entrance covered with ivy. Right outside the cave there was an old man with white hair. When he found out what the young man was looking for, he slowly stroked down his long beard and gently spoke: Come With me. I will show you the greatest and most marvelous treasure on Earth. He grabbed Dobromir’s hand and led him in the dark through the centuries-old forest.

It was a long walk. Early in the morning, they reached the walls of an ancient fortress. They climbed up and reached its highest point. In this moment, the sun came out and its first beams of light gently colored the rocks in the valley.

Then the wise man spread his hands towards the red rocks and said: This is the treasure that you seek. There is no greater, more real or more eternal treasure than this one.

The Belogradchik Fortress

The Belogradchik fortress is an impressive architectural and historical cultural monument. It is located at 610 meters above sea level, covering an area of 10,200 sq. m. Its slender silhouette marvelously fits in the space surrounded by the red-colored rock massifs rising above Belogradchik.

An incredible panoramic view is revealed from the highest part of the fortress. To the south, the sight strokes the wavy ridge of the Balkan Mountain from Mount Korn to Vrashka Chuka, to the west it is attracted by the sharp-peaked copper mountains and the Carpathian Mountains, and in the valley, it finds peace in the marvel of the Belogradchik rocks.

Summer festival: Opera from the top – Belogradchik Rocks

Opera of the Peaks – Belogradchik Rocks is an innovative idea by director Plamen Kartaloff whose unusual theatrical visions and design of original director’s interpretation are associated with their conception among the magical beauty of the Belogradchik Rocks. They give the audience the opportunity to feel their favourite works in a new way.

This project will live for the future as a new sanctuary for the messages of opera and ballet art, it will become a national and international cultural event.

Opera of the peaks will attract many guests in Belogradchik who will come to enjoy opera and ballet art in the open air.